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It’s Back to School Time!

It’s Back to School Time!

Back to school lunches…

It’s back to school time! Whether you’re sending your kids off to school or going to a homeschool co-op day, we have three nutrient-dense foods to pack into your kids’ lunches.

1. Squeezable Yogurt – Our JakoPure version of a go-gurt – Raw, Vanilla Greek Yogurt sweetened with raw honey. They double as an ice pack and add some probiotics to the meal.

2. JakoPure Brats – Offered in beef or pork, this is an easy meat option. When we grill on the weekend, I always cook an extra package of these to have around as snacks or quick meals. My son loves them sliced into small pieces.

3. Little milks – Raw, all-grass milk is so much more nutritious than school boxed milk! We offer JakoPure milk in 8 oz containers to make packing a lunch just a little easier.

Story from the Farm…

Last night our dog, Ollie, and I went for our evening walk in the lanes of the pasture. I was gazing off into the distance looking at the beautiful sunset when I glanced ahead at Ollie. I realized we were not alone.

Ollie and A SKUNK with his tail standing straight up were standing nose to nose. I yelled, “Ollie, COME!!!” as I jumped over the fence into the paddock next to us and started running. Ollie fortunately followed and we were spared any spray. I fully support sharing our farm with other animals, but that encounter was just a little too close for my comfort.