Our JakoPure food is only found in our farm store. Our products are available to those who have met with us and become members of the farm. You will not find Jako Farm products in other stores or at farmer’s markets. Learn about your first visit to the farm here!

We have a Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership levels. Sign up will be available again starting October 1st 2022.  Click here to learn more about your first visit to the farm or click here to learn about membership.

Our food is only available in our farm store.

We do not ship products. In addition to some tricky state laws for transporting food out of state, we believe there is great value in seeing where your food is produced.

We are 100% member inspected and approved. Please ask if you’d like to see any part of our work areas or learn more about our processes! Our farm operates on trust. We trust our members to help keep us accountable to high standards of cleanliness and integrity, and we commit to be trustworthy in our farming practices.

When Ken and Judy bought the farm from Ken’s parents in 1985, they named it JAKO, an acronym created from their names: Judith Ann, Kenneth Oliver. Little did they know that in a few short decades, hundreds of people would regularly come to visit Jako Farm and ask how that name came to be!

We welcome all payment types including venmo and cash app.

We believe one of the greatest values in your food journey is to see where your food is grown and produced. Since our animals rotationally graze on pasture, they are often far away from the buildings. Throughout the year we offer events or activities to our Jako Farm Members so they can connect with the land where their food is raised.


We proudly and wholeheartedly support members who are trying to heal their bodies through pure food. Our family has experience with Keto, Paleo, AIP, Whole30, and GF diets. Please email hello@jakofarm.com if you’d like to learn more, discuss, or find a like-minded friend in your food journey. For individual product-related allergy questions, please visit our product page.

We stand behind all of our products 100%. If you are not fully satisfied with anything you purchase from Jako Farm, please let us know so we can make it right.

Absolutely! Pasteurization and homogenization kill a majority of the vital components of raw milk. In addition, pasteurization renders a majority of the calcium insoluble. Commercial milk can also contain toxic drug residues, antibiotics, larvicides, pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals. Conversely, raw, all-grass milk contains enzymes and bacteria that have been shown to strengthen your immune system, develop healthy bacteria in your intestines and reduce the risks of everything from respiratory disease to obesity. Raw, all-grass milk is TRULY a healthier alternative. 

Quality, hand-crafted, artisan food takes time and labor. We quality test every product to make sure it meets our JakoPure standards of excellence. Nothing that you buy from Jako Farm comes off of a production line or out of a warehouse… everything is grown and raised to meet our JakoPure standards. We watch our costs carefully and set prices to reflect the work needed to produce each product.

Here are two other things to consider when considering food cost: 1) High quality, nutrient dense foods, while more expensive, fill you up faster and keep you full longer. Many families that shop at Jako Farm find that when they switch from cheaper quality foods to nutrient dense foods, their families eat less. 2) When you invest in high quality food, you are investing in your future health. As Ken likes to say, “Pay for good food now, or pay the doctor later.”

More Questions? just ask!