These are some of the faces you'll see around Jako Farm:


I am proud to carry on the tradition of innovative, healthy food and to add my own ideas to make the farm run smoothly. I've always loved digging in the dirt and now I'm studying the effects of soil health on the health of our ecosystem. I plan to make Jako Farm healthier and more dynamic every year.


I'm a young mom who wants the absolute healthiest resources for my sons and I want to provide that for other families, too. I'm incredibly passionate about being outside, healing the soil, and holistic health.


I've watched this farm grow and change for over 60 years. What I'm most excited about is how my children are continuing the philosophy of innovative farming. Healthy food is the basis for wholesome living, and you can get that kind of pure food right here at Jako Farm.


Every day when I play with my grandchildren, I think about how lucky they are to grow up here. They have no idea how special it is to run and play in the dirt, to eat such healthy food, and to bask in the sunshine. I have an incredible love for this farm.

Curious about how we got here?