pure food you can trust


Our food surpasses organic standards. We believe in the most pure food, and a label just won’t do.


You won’t find them on our farm.

Low Stress, Happy Living

For animals, plants, and farmers. Happy food feeds happy families.

Grass Fed

All of our animals live on pasture. It’s the happiest, healthiest way.

Grown in Harmony

We strive to improve, not deplete, the health of the soil, water, and ecosystem.

Regenerative Farming

Our farm has been feeding our family for 97 years, and we don’t see an end in sight.


Almost 100 years and four generations ago, our family began caring for this farm. Although it has looked very different through the years, the goal has always been the same: provide the best food possible for our family. Every generation has worked the land, investing sweat, time, and love into raising another generation. They were happy. But nearly twenty years ago, Ken began realizing that taking care of our family wasn’t good enough. The resources on our farm could provide pure food for others as well.


Jako Farm was one of the early pioneers of the pure food revolution. While commodity farmers were cramming cows into feedlots, Jako Farm was turning them out to pasture. While food manufactuers were packing in preservatives and high-temp processing to make food “safer,” Jako Farm was making food purer and simpler. Long before it was popular, Jako Farm became one of the first to completely abandon the notion that better food was standardized, centralized, and industrialized.


Fortunately, the world is starting to see that pure, simple food is healthier. While many have tried to promote this through labels such as “pastured,” “free-range,” or “organic,” Jako Farm still tells another story. Yes, we are those things. Our animals live exclusively on pasture. We use no chemicals, GMOs, or hormones. But there is more. When you come to Jako Farm, we can show you exactly where your food was grown. You can see the hands that grew it. You can touch the soil that raised it. At Jako Farm, we don’t hide anything, and purity is our main goal. So we’ll leave all the fancy labels to the food marketers, and just stick with this: Jako Farm raises pure food you can trust. This is JakoPure.

Our Promise to you

  • ...to be truthful and honest about how our food is grown.
  • ...that every item we raise or make will be to the highest JakoPure standards.
  • ...to help you love Jako Farm as much as we do.
  • ...that, together, you and us and pure food can begin to heal the world.