Order Your Bulk Beef

Hello bulk beef, goodbye empty freezer

If you’ve ever wished for a magic freezer fairy to keep you fully stocked, your wish is granted.  Buying beef in bulk is your answer.

No matter how crazy your day, how many extra errands you had to run or how many hours the kids had to spend with the babysitter, when everyone comes home tired and frazzled, you have the power to redeem all the chaos of the day with a good meal around the table.

And there is nothing worse than planning that meal only to get home, open the freezer and THAT CUT OF MEAT IS NOT THERE.  And somehow, this is the biggest crisis of the day because so much is riding on this important mothering job that you do.

If your life is like mine, there is a cure for this, my friend.

Buy in bulk.

The term ‘bulk beef’ means buying beef by the quarter or half animal (also called a side). If you have freezer space to spare, it’s the best way to stock up on JakoPure beef at a pretty big savings.  We’re talking hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying all those cuts individually from Jako Farm.

Buying bulk beef can be a little tricky, but we’ll walk you through every step of the process. Here’s what you can expect:

How it works:

1. Click the button below to place your order for a side or quarter of beef. (These will be butchered from June through September.) No money is due at this time.
2. Once your beef is at the butcher (Yoder Meats) we’ll send you an email with the hanging weight and total amount due to Jako Farm.
3. You’ll work directly with Yoder Meats to get the exact cuts of meat to fit your family.
4. When the meat is packaged and frozen, Yoder Meats will let you know it’s ready for pick up! You’ll send Jako Farm a check for the cost of the meat and pay the butcher for processing.

A full freezer makes meals easier

There’s a feeling that comes with a full freezer, and it rivals a superpower.  (I’m not joking about this.)  You can make anything as long as you have the meat.   

Sides and Quarters are limited, so place your order now!  We only butcher from June through September and we have a limited number of beef to butcher.  After that, it’ll be until next spring before this offer comes around again.

Payment is based on hanging weight which is $3.90/lb for sides and $4.00/lb for a quarter plus approximately $1.10/lb due to Yoder Meats for processing. Depending on what cuts you do, about 60%-65% of the hanging weight is take home meat. The prices in the chart above would include the processing fee paid to Yoder Meats and taxes. These are of course averages as animal weights vary.

P.S. Final Call for Chicken Bundles

It’s your last chance to buy a Chicken Bundle! Order before March 31st.

P.P.S. Come for a Walk – Last Chance!

Saturday, March 27 from 10-3 will be the last opportunity for you to talk a walk through the pasture this spring. It’s been so fun to hear the stories from those of you who have gone on the walk! Please stop at the farm to store pick up an info sheet with a map.