Thank You for Connecting!!

I’m still in awe of what a wonderful time we had at An Evening on the Farm last Saturday. It was so beautiful to see everyone participating in various activities spread across the farm. For most of us, this was the first large event to attend post-COVID, so it felt even more special.

It has been so fun to get feedback from everyone! Here’s a bit of what we’ve heard so far.

One customer ran into a former high school classmate she hadn’t seen in decades.

At least two families were celebrating birthdays of young children and the kiddos decided they wanted to come to the farm to celebrate.

Both bands brought such life to the event!

Jako the cow was very fun to milk for all ages!

We learned that mushroom jerky is DELICIOUS and everyone is waiting for Morganic’s Farm to bring some to the farm store. (It’s coming, don’t worry!)

Sampling all the dairy products was also tasty and informative!

Some missed the seminars we often have at events. (We’ll have an event this fall that will be more focused on education.)

The meal was delightful. Thank you Amanda for joining our team to make this meal happen.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL and we could not have asked for a better evening. The first half of the evening was for hay rides and the second half was for taking a stroll in the pasture.

We’ve had silo climbing at the farm for years, but this was the first time kids used chalk to write on the silo when they reached the top.

And while s’mores may not be a JakoPure food (though they were non-gmo), they added some nice ambiance to the evening. Who would have expected to wear sweatshirts the very end of May? We’re also glad we planned on the hot chocolate and chai tea!
Again, thank you so much for coming!
Do you have a fun story or feedback? We’d love to hear from you – just respond to this email.
As we continue to say. We believe in connection:
▪ with each other,
▪ with the earth,
▪ with the land where your food is raised.
Our purpose for the evening was about much more than just providing a family friendly activity and you helped make the reality exceed our greatest expectations – Thank You!!

Bonus Pasture Picture

As Daniel and Cole were moving the sheep to a different pasture they came across this tiny fawn. The sheep had walked all around the fawn but it stayed there as still as can be. The only movement was the blinking of its eyelids. It never gets old to stumble across surprises in nature!