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Your favorite chicken cuts have returned!

The Jako Farm store is fully restocked with chicken. Did you know the whole process starts with a trip to the post office?

We order the chicks from a small family owned hatchery in Texas. They mail the chicks the day they hatch and we pick them up at the post office the following day.

The chicks live in the toasty, climate controlled brooder house for the first couple of weeks.

When they are 2-3 weeks old and better able to handle temperature variation,  we load them up in crates and move them out to the pasture.

The chicken pens give them access to water and chicken feed plus plenty of room to roam about, while still providing protection from predators.

Every day we hitch the pen to the chore car and move them forward giving them access to fresh grasses and bug. They leave behind some excellent chicken litter that is great nourishment for the soil!

After 7-9 weeks, they are ready to head to butcher and then head to the freezer.

Like everything else on the farm, we raise chickens seasonally. This week was our first butchering of the year, which we are able to do here on the farm. The next few months we’ll spend a lot of time raising chickens to make sure you have plenty of food to eat this winter. Yes, we sometimes run out of your favorite cuts, but our goal is to never run out of whole birds. So, fire up the grill this weekend and enjoy some JakoPure chicken!
P.S. Thanks for the feedback about cottage cheese! It appears to be a huge crowd-pleaser. If you prefer a wetter curd, you can add more milk or cream to taste.
Your farmer,