Who’s Feeling Spread Thin?

Farmers and consumers are both facing some challenges right now.

Farmers are dealing with an extreme drought. We have had very little rainfall this year. We depend on rain to grow grass for our animals. When there is no rain, there is no food.

Consumers are dealing with increased prices everywhere. Most salaries have not kept up with inflation, so every month it’s harder and harder to make the budget balance.

Everyone is feeling a little spread thin right now.

This is a photo of our pasture exactly a year ago.

This is our pasture today. Do you notice the difference? There is a lot less green this year.

Normally we start supplementing with some hay in February or March. We started feeding hay last weekend.

Our concern is that every farmer is dealing with this. This type of drought is often the final straw that forces someone to drastically decrease their operation or maybe sell the family farm. (Please know Jako Farm is secure.)

On the consumer end, we know it’s really hard to figure out which items in the budget are going to get cut just to make ends meet.

What Can We Do?

We can pray for rain.

We can work at loving and supporting those around us. When I’m feeling stressed, support from someone else feels like a really big deal.

Make Someone a Meal

We all know food is the ultimate love language, right?

Jako Farm would like to give you two pounds of grassfed ground beef to make a meal for someone outside of your family.

1. Pick up two pounds of ground beef from the farm store before September 30th.
2. Write your name on one of the paper tickets in the store and that you’re getting two pounds of ground beef.
3. Make a meal for someone outside your family. Take someone a meal or invite them over. Grill burgers or make meatballs! Have fun being with other people.

In short, we want to support people taking care of one another

Beef Sides and Quarter Payment Plan

We are wrapping up the season of harvesting grassfed and finished beef. We have a few beef sides and quarters remaining for the year. The next opportunity for ordering will be next spring.

We understand that making one large payment can be financially challenging, so this year we want to offer a different option.

The payment due to Jako Farm can be divided into several payments. A $100 non-refundable deposit is due upon ordering. The payment due to Yoder Meats for processing is due paid in full upon pick up. If a this is something you’re interested in, please reply to this email and we can talk through options.

You can learn more about purchasing a beef side or quarter here.

We want to do our part in making sure you have access to the high quality food you value.

Sides and Quarters will be ready in September and October. Please order by August 31st.

Here’s to the supporting one other through challenging times.