Why JakoPure milk is called ‘liquid gold’

The superpowers of JakoPure milk

Did you know that JakoPure milk is very different than grocery store milk, even if you buy organic? So different, in fact, that your lactose-intolerant child may be able to drink it?

Did you know that JakoPure milk can improve your skin, aid in digestion, reduce allergies, and boost your immune system?

There are lots of reasons why some call JakoPure milk ‘liquid gold,’ and it can get pretty complex. But hang in there and stretch your brain with this interesting science lesson. 

JakoPure milk is different because:

1.  We care a lot about our cows

Did you know that each of our dairy cows has a name? Star, Kenya, Oma, and the rest were born in our pastures and will live here til they die– some of them up to 15 years. We know that Mabel likes her head scratched and Lea doesn’t like the dog. They truly become part of the Jako Farm family.

In commercial dairies, hundreds of cattle are packed into feedlot-style barns. Bacteria and disease are constant concerns and because of that, cattle are fed a continuous supply of antibiotics. Walking only a few steps a day, commodity cows live only to produce unnaturally high volumes of milk, much like machines. They rarely last more than 2-3 years because of the toll it takes on their bodies. (This is seriously sad.) By contrast, Jako Farm ladies are placid and wholesomely healthy. They live on pasture their whole lives, moving to fresh grass every day. Our cows get plenty of sunshine, exercise, and fresh air. Their offspring live with them in a multi-generational herd. Their biggest annoyance is when Ken is a few minutes late at milking time. They stand at the gate, impatient to head to the milk barn.

2.  JakoPure milk is raw and unpasteurized

Due to government laws, all milk sold in retail grocery stores must be pasteurized (this means high-temp cooked). Regulators have determined that all milk sold commercially must be pasteurized to kill potentially bad bacteria in milk. The problem, though, is that exposing milk to sustained high temperatures also kills good and beneficial components in milk

Raw milk is packed with many vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that pasteurization completely or partially destroys. Check out this comparison:

When you find a raw milk dairy that you trust– that treats their animals well, that keeps their milking facility clean, and that cares about creating low-stress conditions instead of treating high-stress symptoms– you’ll be able to confidently trust the health of their raw milk. (Please ask if you ever have questions about this at Jako Farm. We want you to be completely confident in the health and cleanliness of our creamery.)

3.  JakoPure milk is 100% grassfed

From the beginning of time, cows were designed to eat grass. But in the last 100 years, this has all changed. Due to convenience and cheap availability, grain has become the default feed for cattle. In fact, all cows that produce commercial milk are fed grain, and most are ONLY fed grain. Even store milk that is labeled grass-fed is likely still fed some grain

The problem is, cows’ stomachs are not designed to digest grain. They are ruminant animals, with a four-stomach system designed to digest grasses. So when a cow eats grain, it changes the composition of her stomach, which changes the composition of her milk. Grain-fed milk has a different nutritional profile than grass-fed milk. And OUR stomachs were not designed to digest grain-fed milk. So here’s where it gets interesting. When people find themselves lactose intolerant, often times they are intolerant to grain-fed, pasteurized milk…but they can still digest raw, all-grass milk because their body recognizes this as real milk. This isn’t the case for everyone, but it is a story we hear over and over again among our members. Interesting, right? Not only that, but it gets one step better.

4.  We’re working toward the best genetics

Daniel and Robyn have been working for several years to breed pure A2/A2 genetics into our herd. If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s a genetic trait that reflects an older, more digestible form of protein in milk. Simply put, A2/A2 milk is the most digestible and healthiest of any form of milk. (It would be similar in digestibility to goat’s milk or human breast milk.) Currently, all of our fluid milk is A2/A2. Over the next few years we’ll continue to refine our genetics until all dairy products are A2/A2.

Put that all together, and you’ve got ‘liquid gold’

So put all that together: JakoPure milk is 1) raw and not pasteurized, 2) from healthy, happy cows 3) with A2/A2 genetics who 4) eat only grass. 

Add it up, and you get a pretty powerful substance that can improve nearly every organ function in your body.   

And not only milk, but all JakoPure dairy products like butter, cream, kefir, yogurt, and others carry the same health benefits of JakoPure milk. (With the exception of A2/A2 genetics, which only applies to fluid milk at this point.)

We hear story after story from our members who are using JakoPure milk as medicine to heal their bodies. One member told us that eating JakoPure butter has healed his plaque psoriasis that 20 years of traditional medicine couldn’t. Another member drives over 2 1/2 hours to get JakoPure milk because it’s the only milk he can digest. Another makes a special trip to Jako Farm for the very earliest spring milk, because she knows it’s the richest and most nutrient-dense. My (Kendra’s) own son was determined to be lactose intolerant at birth and was prescribed soy-based formula. Instead, JakoPure raw milk formula saved his life and his health.

Come try it for yourself

Fresh milk and cream are now in the farm store!  Come try JakoPure dairy products for yourself… and be sure to let us know how raw, all-grass dairy is improving your life.


And one more tidbit… because JakoPure milk is made exclusively from grass, the flavor of the milk changes as the grass grows and matures.  Early spring milk (that’s now) will have a rich, intense flavor (it’s also at it’s highest nutritional level).  As the grasses grow and mature, the flavor of the milk will mellow.

Happy fresh milk to all!

–from all of us at Jako Farm