Turkey and Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your festive menus!

Pasture Raised Turkey

Our store is fully stocked with JakoPure pastured raised turkey pieces. Our birds live on pasture, foraging for bugs and grasses and are supplemented with organic grains.

We have turkey roasts, thighs, and drumsticks. To make life a little easier for you, we also cut the wings into drumettes and wing flats. The drumettes are similar to a chicken drumstick. Tomorrow we will add ground turkey and turkey bone broth to the line up.
If you’re having a small holiday gathering, these cuts are the perfect size. Check out our website for how to brine and cook a pasture-raised whole turkey or pieces.
I also have a very limited amount of 22+ pound whole turkeys available. Reply to this email ASAP if you want to snag a whole bird.

Organically Grown Sweet Potatoes

We don’t sell much produce from our family garden, but sweet potatoes are the exception. Every year we harvest 1,000+ pounds and cure them to intensify that sweet buttery flavor.

A roasted sweet potato with a dollop of JakoPure butter and dash of salt is just a little piece of autumnal heaven if you ask me. Enjoy!

Story From the Farm

There’s nothing that says fall more than playing in the leaves. The Jako Farm cousins have had a pretty great time stomping down piles of leaves, taking turns burying down in the pile, and then bursting out of the pile with leaves flying everywhere.

They’re all having fun, but the one-year-old cousin in particular thinks it’s pretty great! Just a reminder that when you’re done playing with your leaves, we’ll be happy to add them to our compost pile!

Here’s to some small treasures of autumn: turkey, sweet potatoes, and leaves. All brought to us by our amazing earth.