The Chicks are Here!

Baby chicks are another hallmark sign of spring on the farm. Did you know these cute little guys arrive at our farm via the post office!?!

The post office calls as soon as they arrive. Sometimes it’s 8 pm and other times it’s 2 am! We bring them back to the farm and get them settled in their cozy new home as quickly as possible.

Baby chicks need to be kept very warm, so they live inside in a climate controlled brooder house for their first couple of weeks. After they have a few more feathers and have grown a bit, they are hearty enough to go outside on pasture! You’ll have the opportunity to hold a baby chick at our Evening on the Farm, Saturday, May 29.

Order Your Beef Side or Quarter

Through May 15th we are taking orders for beef sides and quarters that will be ready this summer.

Check out our Beef Quarter & Side FAQ sheet on our website or reply to this email if you have questions.

Stay tuned for more information and to RSVP!