Beef Quarter and Side FAQ

Buying bulk meat is confusing. There are words like hanging weight, carcasses weight, take home meat, processing fee. What does all of that even mean? I’ll try to break it down for you.

Do you want a quarter or a half of a beef? This chart will help you break down the approximate amounts of meat you will receive.

When you buy bulk beef you are given a hanging weight price. Ours is $4.35/lb. for a side and $4.60/lb for a quarter.

The hanging weight it how much the beef weights after the initial slaughter and processing. This means the hide, head, and organs have been removed.

An average hanging weight for a beef side is 300 pounds. Of that, only 60-65% of that is take home meat. The majority of the 40-45% “waste” would be large bones. During the hanging/aging process the beef also shrinks about 4% which accounts for some of the loss.

Our beef halves can range from 275-375 pounds hanging weight. You can specify if you would like a large or small animal and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.

You will pay Jako Farm for the hanging weight but you also need to pay the butcher for their work. This includes the killing, disposal of waste, butchering, freezing and packaging. These costs combined average $1.15/lb of hanging weight that will be paid to Yoder Meats.

When you do all the math and include tax and processing fees, you can expect to be paying about $8.80 per pound for a side and $9.20 per pound for a quarter. Essentially, you’re paying ground beef prices for all of the cuts.

The average price for a quarter with taxes and processing fees is $800-1000 and a half is $1400-1900.

Our beeves hang in a cooler for two weeks after the initial butchering. This aging process makes the beef far more tender. After it ages, the butcher needs some time to cut, package and freeze the meat. This means your beef will be ready 2-3 weeks after the butcher date.

Yoder Meats has a helpful sheet that lists the basic meat cuts. These are the standard cuts, but you may ask for different cuts if desired.

We recommend steaks 1 inch think and ground beef an 85/15 mix.

The organ meats are cut out of the animal before they do the hanging weight, so organs are not included in the purchase price of the beef. Organ meats are available for sale in the farm store.

Our beef are 100% grass fed and finished. We want our animals to be grazing on high quality grass for at least 90 days prior to butchering. We start taking orders in early spring and you can expect your beef to go to the butcher in the summer. Each year is a little different depending on forage quality. Some years we have more ready late summer or early fall.

We have 100% grass fed and finished beef. The majority are black or red angus.

We only accept cash or check for bulk beef payments. A 3% processing fee is added if you wish to pay with a credit card. 

There are two separate payments. One to Jako Farm for the Meat and one to Yoder Meats for the processing.

Those order for the first time will pay a $100 deposit is due shortly after placing your order. The deposit is non refundable.

We taste test each beef that we sell for flavor, tenderness and texture.  If it dose not meet our standards, we do not sell it. We recommend you buy a few individual cuts out of our farm store prior to purchasing a side or quarter to know what you’re getting. 100% grassfed and finished beef is not all equal. We believe and have been told time and time again that we have the best grassfed beef. Period. If you are not satisfied, we do ask that you let us know within two months of purchase. After that we cannot do any refunds or exchanges.

Jako Farm will send you an email once your side or quarter is at Yoder Meats. This will include the hanging weight and total amount due to Jako Farm. You will then be responsible for contacting Yoder Meats to give them cut instructions.

Yoder Meats will call you when your meat has been cut, packaged and frozen.

Yes! Beef bones are included. When placing your cut instructions make sure to tell them you want the bones or they will not be included.

Yes, fat is included in the purchase price but the amount of fat on each steer varies. The extra fat from the steer is added into the ground beef, so sometimes there is no additional fat remaining after using it for the ground beef. When giving cut instructions you must include that you want the additional fat.

We sell split quarters. You are receiving half of a half beef.