How to fend off the Coronavirus (among other things)

Grasping at the wrong solutions

In the pick-up line at preschool this week, I was chatting with a grandma who is really concerned about the Coronavirus.  Understandably.  We all want to stay healthy.  No one wants to get sick, and the stories are getting scary.
So, says Grandma, she’s panicking.  What to do?  She went to the store and bought five gallons of bleach and a case (yes, a case) of hand sanitizer.  That should help.  Then the kiddos came out from preschool and we parted ways.
I’ve pondered that conversation a lot this week and winced at how many times I, too,  have grasped at the wrong solution because I didn’t know what else to do.

Pure food is the best defense against viruses– Corona or otherwise

Pure food is medicine.  Period.  There is nothing more powerful to good health than the best food that strengthens and nourishes.  

 Dr. Mark Hyman says:
“Pure food isn’t LIKE medicine, it IS medicine, and it’s our number one tool for  creating the vibrant health we deserve.”
Pure food gives your body the tools it needs to thrive.  When your body systems thrive, they’re well able to fight against sickness and disease.  
Food is our first line of defense against anything that threatens to make us sick.  Not the best health care plan or the best doctor in town or five gallons of bleach.  Food comes first.
Above all else, food has the most power to build or destroy our health.

JakoPure food is medicine

At Jako Farm, we believe in creating pure food you can trust.  We’re always looking for ways to make food cleaner, purer, and healthier.  As we learn new things, we make changes to purify and refine JakoPure foods.

Its why– 25 years ago– Ken stopped feeding grain to the cattle and turned them all out to pasture to graze.
It’s why– a decade ago– Ken formulated his famous “Wholesome Delight” as a way to make colostrum palatable. Colostrum is one of the most immune-building, illness-fighting dairy products but no one liked the texture. Ken solved that.
It’s why– a few years ago– we started learning about heritage genetics in cattle and have altered the breeding patterns in our herd.  We hope to have pure A2/A2 genetics in our herd in the next few years.
It’s also why– last year– we started offering a line of soy-free eggs for those who are avoiding soy.  

Pure food is worth paying for

Pure food is not cheap, it’s not easy, and it’s rarely convenient.

 We’ve fielded our share of criticism over the years… neighbors who think we’re way too picky.  Friends who won’t shop at the farm because everything is too expensive.  Family that is scared to invite us over for dinner because they think they can’t cook food that’s good enough for us.
And I’m guessing you experience those dilemmas, too.
But the truth is, mainstream ideas are rarely worth fighting for.  The best ideas, the most innovative things, the ideals that take sacrifice and investment and swimming upstream… those are the things worth fighting for.  And for us, that’s pure food.  

Our money shows our values

Fifty years ago, the average American spent 30% of his/her income on food and 5% on health care.  Now its just the opposite.  Americans today spend upwards of 30% of their income on medical care and 5% on food.

I choose to resist that trend.  I choose to make the investment of pure food for my family. I hunt down the best producers and spend the money because next week or next month or ten years from now when my family’s health is at stake, I want their bodies to be strong. 
 I want them to have the best medicine already inside them.
To health and wholeness for all,
— Kendra

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