How do I love thee, ferments? Let me count the ways.

Here’s a secret that you probably already know:  Your gut is a major player in your overall health.  The health of your gut impacts your metabolism, organ function, nutrient absorption, and even your mood.  It’s that important!

You see, our gut is designed with a perfectly balanced combination of enzymes and bacteria to break down and absorb food, which creates energy and vitality for body functions.  Something that important should be treated with great care, but here’s the sobering fact: Most Americans damage their gut more than they realize.  Did you know that genetically modified foods confuse the function of the gut and contribute to a radically harmful problem called leaky gut syndrome?  Did you know that a simple antibiotic or painkiller can destroy essential gut bacteria?  
But there’s hope!  No matter how much or little attention you’ve paid to your gut in the past, there are simple ways to improve.  

Your gut needs live cultures to thrive.

The key to gut health lies in active ferments and cultures.  At Jako Farm, we’ve got lots to choose from!  Each one listed below is full of living and active bacteria– and the beautiful thing is that each one has slightly different strains of culture, meaning that the more you diversify your eating, the greater variety of live bacteria you’re rebuilding in your stomach.  Give some of these a try!

JakoPure kefir:  Kefir is a compex culture, and a very old one, too.  Did you know that– because kefir is cultured a room temperature–  this was the standard method for preserving milk thousands of years ago?   It’s been fueling healthy guts for a long time.
JakoPure yogurt and Greek yogurt:  Our yogurt is made from a slightly different strain of culture than kefir, giving it a milder and smoother taste.  Eat this in as many ways as you can!  We use plain Greek in place of mayo on sandwiches and mixed with sriracha to make aioli.  We dollop vanilla Greek on fruit and by itself as a snack.  This is good stuff.
JakoPure kefir pops:  Our goal with kefir pops was to create a more palatable way for kids to enjoy kefir.  Turns out, adults love them, too!  These are a must-have for snacking, and your gut will rejoice.
JakoPure wholesome delight:  If you’re looking for the magic gut elixir, this might come close.  It’s a blend of JakoPure kefir, yogurt, and colostrum (with some apple cider and honey) and it’s a great way to treat your gut to a smorgasbord of bacteria all at once.  It’s also great for fending off illness. 
Simple Abundance kraut:  We are so happy to provide sauerkraut in the farm store, made by our friends at Simple Abundance Farm.  Their products are organically grown and ethically raised, just like ours.  And they’re making sauerkraut that will knock your socks off.  This stuff is amazing.  (Available in naked kraut, red kraut, and caraway)
All other JakoPure dairy products:  Here’s the good news.  Because all of our dairy products are un-pasteurized and un-homogenized, every dairy product you buy from Jako Farm has live bacteria and enzymes.  Every single one!  That’s one of the huge benefits of eating raw dairy– there’s nutrition in every bite.  That’s why some call raw, all-grass dairy “liquid gold.”

Show your gut some love.

You’ll never regret introducing (or increasing) ferments and cultures in your diet. And if your gut could talk, it would say a big thank you. It’ll keep your body healthy for a long, long time.

Plus, meet the newest member of Jako Farm!

Robyn, Daniel, and Luke are happy to announce the latest addition to Jako Farm. Aaron Mast King was born at home (as hoped for!) on January 9th at 3:26 am. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Luke is a proud big brother who loves to hold Aaron and help any way he can. Everyone is doing well.

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