Bulk Beef + Holiday Turkeys

For everything there is a season.

When we think of seasons in terms of food, our modern food supply has robbed us of primal knowledge. We can buy a crisp apple in May, a watermelon in December, and fresh meat any time of year. Most every food is available at our fingertips whenever we jolly well please and we don’t think about its natural harvest season.
Our farm is far from the Garden of Eden, but we do try our best to work with nature and her seasons. This does require a LOT more planning and flexibility. As a member of our farm, I know it takes some planning for you as well.

Currently, we are in a growing and harvesting season for poultry and beef. This is the time to plan ahead for the winter’s needs and pack your freezer.

Beef Bundles

This is THE most economical and convenient way to buy beef. These bundles give you basic cuts that are so versatile and they’re ready to pick up 24 hours after ordering.

Bundle #1 – $200
15 pounds ground beef
5 pounds stew meat
5 pounds hamburger patties
Bundle #2 – $400
25 pounds of ground beef
10 pounds roast
5 pounds hamburger patties
5 pounds beef brats (German-Style Beef Sausage)
5 pounds stew meat

Both bundles offer you a 10% savings and will be available through August 31st.

Beef Sides and Quarters

This is a great option if you enjoy higher-end cuts like steak. You have the opportunity to give cut instructions to the butcher and customize how the meat is cut, i.e.: thickness of your steak, stew meat vs roast, size of roast, etc. If you enjoy making your own bone broth, this is also a great way to stock up on bones!

Sides and Quarters are sold by the hanging weight. The chart below gives some helpful details.

If this is new to you, it can be a very overwhelming process. Head over to this post on our website where I explain the entire process.

Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished, so it is only harvested seasonally while the animals are grazing on high quality grass. These are the last sides and quarters we’ll have available until next summer.

Sides and Quarters will be ready August-October.
We have a limited supply.

Holiday Turkeys

The holiday season seems so far off, but we’re already raising your holiday bird!

This year we are thrilled to offer pasture raised turkeys that are fed a soy and corn free grain ration. We are proud to source the organically raised grains from local farmers with whom we have a relationship. We know that organic grain from a feed mill is often sourced from overseas and we want more transparency in how the grains were grown.

To make sure you get a turkey and to choose the size of your bird, please order now. Turkeys will be sold frozen and will be ready the first week of November. We can hold your bird until the holidays after a payment is made.

Turkeys will range from 12-20+ pounds and are $8 per pound.

It is definitely an investment, but our consistent feedback from customers is that it’s the best turkey they’ve ever had. You can taste the difference of a bird raised on pasture with intention and care.

Order by August 15th to choose your size!

Here’s to the seasonality of food and finding ways to rebuild our connections with the changing seasons.