Beef Sides and Quarters

Real food takes time and planning. The farmer and consumer both contribute to the process. Four years ago, we had to make the decision of how many sides and quarters of beef we would need for the summer and fall of 2024. Right now, it’s time for you, the consumer, to decide if you want to buy one of those quarters or sides.
The beef will be ready in late June through October. The hanging weight prices below are the anticipated prices for the year. Prices are subject to change.
If this is new to you, I understand the overwhelm. What does hanging weight mean? How much meat am I actually getting? When do I get it? Help?!?
Let me walk you though the process.

This chart provides the details…

What is hanging weight?

When you buy bulk beef you are paying by the hanging weight.

The hanging weight is how much the carcass weighs after the initial slaughter and processing. This means the weight after the hide, head, hooves, and organs have been removed.

Our anticipated price for the year is $4.35/lb for sides and $4.60/lb for a quarter hanging weight.

How much meat am I taking home?

An average hanging weight for a JakoPure beef side is 300 pounds. Of that, only 60-65% is take-home meat. The majority of the 40-45% of “waste” is large bones. During the hanging/aging process the beef also shrinks about 4%, which accounts for some of the loss.

To sum it up, you are not taking home 300 pounds of meat for a beef side. You are receiving 60-65% of that which would be 170-225 pounds. Quarters would be half that amount.
When you’re buying a side or quarter you are paying approximately ground beef prices for all of the cuts.
If you are a family who only eats ground beef, it’s cheaper for you to just buy ground beef in the farm store.

What are the processing fees?

You will pay Jako Farm for the meat, but you also will need to pay the butcher for their work.
The processing fee includes the killing, disposal of waste, butchering, freezing, and packaging. These costs combined average $1.15/lb of hanging weight or $172 for a quarter or $345 for a side. This is a separate payment due to Yoder Meats.

Is it grass fed and finished?

Absolutely! Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. We also taste test each side or quarter to ensure flavor and tenderness. 

Okay, this looks good. What’s next?

1.  Click the button below to place your order for a side or quarter of beef. We will email you sample cut instructions so you can be thinking about how to have your meat cut.

2. You can note a preferred time frame you would like to have the meat. We will do our best to accommodate your request. If we assign you a side/quarter and you decline due to timing, your name will go to the bottom of the list.
3.  Once your beef is at the butcher (Yoder Meats) this summer or fall we’ll send you an email with the hanging weight and total amount due to Jako Farm. Each animal is a different weight and therefore a different price.
4. You will call Yoder Meats and talk through cut instructions with them to get the exact cuts of meat to fit your family. If you want bones saved, you need to specify that. Organ meats are not included with a side or quarter as it is not included in the hanging weight.
5. When the meat is packaged and frozen about two weeks later, Yoder Meats will let you know that it’s ready for pick up! You have approximately one week to pick it up. After that, freezer storage space can be rented, if needed.
6. You’ll have two payments: one to Jako Farm for the cost of the meat and one to Yoder Meats for the cost of processing. Jako Farm only accepts cash or check for bulk beef payments.
7. If this is your first time ordering, we request a $100 deposit shortly after ordering. The deposit will be applied to the purchase of your meat unless you cancel or decrease the size of your order.

Please place your order by April 15th. Quantities are limited. Prices are subject to change at any time.

Still more questions?

Check out our Beef Side and Quarter FAQs on our website.
While this process does take time and planning, there is no better feeling than having a freezer full of meat for your family.

Story From the Farm

Thank you for submitting all the excellent calf names. There are some really fun names! For the first time I had a request for the mamas’ names so that you could come up with creative combinations.

So, here is the list of mamas for the 2022 season: Sandy, Tori, Tami, Shiloh, Sara, Spice, Sophi, Sea, Tulip, Tonia, Regina, Peru, Rachel, Orchid, Raven, Reagan, Lava, Uno, Willow, Zela, Val, Mwaka, Swiss, Shirly, Sally, Sadie, Tokyo, Trina, Rouge, Ricotta, Rio, Star, Valda, Tess, Rena, Vera, Zana, Alpha, Apple, Anna, Ande, Abby, Asia, Alice, April, Alie and Amy.

Happy Naming!

Here’s to the beauty of farmers and consumers working together, to getting food in the freezer, and exercising some creativity and love in naming calves.