YOU are essential

Our nation’s food system is starting to unravel right before our eyes. The farmers have the animals, the consumers want the food, but the slaughterhouses are not able to complete their part in the food chain. The large scale agriculture model is not working.

We believe local food systems are the answer. Jako Farm has been part of that system for over 15 years. We have figured out how to produce the food. We have figured out how or where to process the food. And you, have been here to buy and consume the food.

Diversified family farms, like Jako Farm, are beneficial to the overall health of a community. When we could no longer keep up with beef production 10 years ago, our friend Torrey was able to step in and raise some of the grassfed beef for us. The majority of our meat is butchered at Yoder Meats which helps employ local people and keep money in the community. Twenty-five years ago Ken built a chicken processing trailer. We use it to butcher chickens here on the farm. When it is not in use, we rent it out to others who are raising their own food. That trailer has butchered tens of thousands of chickens. We collaborate with others to make the community and local food system stronger. 

Yes, we can have glitches in our supply chain. Last year our pigs did not get bred, so right now we are out of pork. But guess what? We still have beef, chicken, and lamb to offer you! Last year the river flooded THREE times and our road was covered in water. But, we still found ways to get food to you.

Right now we are living in some uncertain times. We do not know when social distancing will end. We do not know how long there will be issues with the global and national food supply chain. But, here at Jako Farm we know there will be something to eat. The cows will keep giving milk. The chickens will keep laying eggs. And your favorite cuts of meat will eventually make it back to the farm store. In the meantime, try something new!

Jako Farm members are an integral part in the local food supply chain. Most of you drive at least 45 minutes to the farm because you trust the food we raise. You have adapted to drinking frozen milk instead of fresh during the winter. When we are out of chicken thighs, you buy the whole chicken or drumsticks. And when we’re out of pork, you anxiously wait for it to be available again or maybe you buy it from another local food producer. (I recently bought some bacon from another farmer; I get it.) This is all part of creating a stable local food system.

YOU the consumer are an essential link in sustaining local food systems. Thank you for being part of the solution and for supporting Jako Farm!

Robyn, for all of us at Jako Farm