Will You Join Us in Two Days??

Our biggest event of the year is almost here! We are so excited for our Jako Farm members to experience An Evening on the Farm – a time for connection, relaxation, and joy.

Event Schedule

4-6 PM // Pet a chick or lamb*, take a hayride through the pasture*, relax under a shade tree and enjoy live music, climb the silo, play yard games like cornhole or ladder golf – just have fun!
5:30-6:30 PM // JakoPure Meal: Beef or Chicken Tacos
6-8 PM // Stroll through the pasture lanes to see the animals, roast a s’more, enjoy live music, and simply enjoy the beauty of the farm.

*These activities are only available from 4-6pm.

Have fun playing yard games like corn hole and ladder golf.

Have fun playing yard games like corn hole and ladder golf.

Plus you’ll get to hear some AMAZING bluegrass music.

Every year we host an event not to merely entertain you or provide a farm experience for kids, but because we believe in the power of connection – with each other, the earth God created, and the land where your food was raised.

Now more than ever, we recognize the significance of connection. Humans need each other. We weren’t meant to do life alone. We love bringing our Jako Farm Community together where you have a chance to hang out with a few hundred people who share the same commitment to real food.

Together we’ll enjoy a JakoPure meal. You can choose beef or chipotle chicken tacos, served with cilantro lime rice, savory black beans, and honey lime slaw, so those with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or dairy-free can enjoy the meal as well.

After eating, you’ll have time to stroll through the pasture lanes and enjoy their peaceful beauty.

We recognize the effort our Jako Farm members make in purchasing directly from a farm, so this is also our time to say, “Thank you!”. We want you to have the opportunity to relax here and enjoy this space.

This year we’re also celebrating 100 years of the King Family caring for this land. See if you can spot the new addition to the farm that commemorates our family’s first 100 years on this land! We’re pretty excited about it!

We’d love for you to join us!

Last Chance for Silver and Gold Sign Up

If you’re wanting to become a Silver or Gold Member of Jako Farm, the deadline is May 31st. The next enrollment windows will be in October 2022 and May 2023. You can find more information or sign up here!

Here’s to the beauty of nature, delicious real food, and connection with the land, our food, and one another.