What’s happening at the farm?

Our new processing room is finally up and running, so we’ve been busy making some of your favorite products.

Cottage Cheese, Butter Buttons, Vanilla Kefir Pops, and 8 oz Wholesome Delights are now available in the farm store!

But the thing we’re most excited to have back, is LARD!

Lard is my go-to fat for cooking. Its neutral flavor and high smoke point (360 degrees) make it SO versatile.

Think of your great grandma’s legendary pie crusts…yeah, those were probably flaky because of lard.

We don’t often fry food around here, but we do make a few exceptions. Every holiday season Judy makes us her golden, mouthwatering doughnuts and fries them in lard.
Isn’t it great to know there is a fat you can feel good about using for frying??


Lard is shelf stable but we recommend refrigerating to increase the shelf life.

Pasture Walk during March

This month, on Saturdays and Wednesdays from 10-3, we would love for our Jako Farm Members to take a self-guided stroll through the pasture. The trail starts behind the farm store and is just shy of a mile. The walk will take you past the cows, sheep, and chickens (and one llama!).

If you’re needing 20 minutes of peace and solitude, plus a little exercise, the pasture walk is a great place to do it.

Please stop and pick up a map and information sheet in the farm store before your walk.

Happy walking!

P.S. Calf Names

Thank YOU for all the calf names! It was so, so fun to read all the responses. Below are the names we’ve chosen.

Bella, Basil, Bay, Bessy, Beula, Brie, Bay, Bee, Barb, Beth, Betsy, Butter (I know this is 6 letters, but we MUST have a cow named Butter on this farm.) Bueno, Baily, Boise, Bunny, Banjo, Becca

Since our cows don’t host gender reveal parties, we never know how many names we’ll need. Some years we have way more heifers than bull calves, some years it’s more bulls than heifers, and some years it’s about even.

We always hope for heifer calves as that means more milk and CHEESE for everyone!

We’ll be sure to give you photo updates once calves start arriving!

Here’s to bringing lard back to our larders and enjoying each new sign of spring.