We’re tearing down the barn…

No, not the whole barn! But the south side, including the milking parlor and dairy processing area, is getting quite an upgrade. 
After 64 years, we are completing remodeling the milking facilities here at the farm. Ken’s dad, Allen, had the current facilities built in 1956. Ken initiated some small remodels in 1985 and 1993, but for the most part things have remained the same for over six decades.

This was the milking parlor last week when we had our final milking. Those steps by Daniel’s feet are where he and his siblings used to take naps while Ken or Judy were milking the cows. To a dairy farmer, this space is more than just a barn – a lot of life happened here.

And here is that same space today! The new milking parlor will allow the cows to walk in and out without navigating steps. It will also allow a wider work space for the farmer doing the milking. All these changes will provide a safer environment for both cows and farmers.
Ken and Daniel literally tore into the project the same day we stopped milking. In April, the cows will give birth and want to be milked, so we have a very definite deadline! 

While we’re excited for a new parlor for milking the cows, we’re most excited about a milk house/processing room.

This is where butter, yogurt, cheese, and all your other favorite dairy products are made. When Grandpa Allen built this space, he had no idea the volume and variety of products that would be produced within this small room. Kefir pops and butter buttons may not have been on his radar, but they’ve certainly been a hit with you! (We love them too!) We’re looking forward to the ease and functionality these updated facilities will provide so we can better meet demand and provide you with the JakoPure dairy products your family loves.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted this winter as demolition ends and new construction begins.

Greek Yogurt available frozen

As we adjust to limited processing facilities over the winter, we’re hoping you can make a few adjustments as well.
Greek Yogurt will be available frozen, not fresh. Fortunately, the texture and taste do not change with freezing. Simply thaw the yogurt, stir it up, and voila! The same creamy goodness you can’t live without.

Just like the milk, I will have a few containers of the plain greek and vanilla greek yogurt thawing in the store cooler.

We want your leaves!

Soil health is a big priority for Jako Farm. We would love to turn your leaves into soil to nourish our land. We have a large compost pile 1/2 mile west of the farm store. We would LOVE you to bring us trash bags full of leaves to add to the compost pile. Please let me know if you have any questions about where to drop this off. We’ll also gladly take food scraps to add to the compost pile.

P.S. We have eggs!

Eggs are back in stock just in time for the holiday baking season! Soy-free eggs will be available late December.


For all of us at Jako Farm