We’re Rolling Out Some Changes…

I am simply in awe of our Jako Farm Community. You, our Jako Farm member, have decided real, pure food is important. You sought out a place to find it and you continue to make that a habit in your life. That takes a lot of intention.

When you’re in the farm store with someone else, have you ever wondered where they’re from or what makes them travel to the farm?

Did you know that only 15% of our customers live within 15 miles of the farm? 85% of our members drive a minimum of 45 minutes to the farm. We have regular customers from places like Larned, Hays, Leavenworth, Dodge City, Salina, Augusta, Wichita, and even a dozen or so that drive from Oklahoma or Colorado.

All of you have a shared commitment to real food. You have decided to go against the status quo of our nation’s food system and seek something you know in your heart is better. It’s better for you, the land, the animals, the community, and the earth. And quite frankly, it’s a lot closer to the way God intended for us to live.

Some Changes are Coming…

To say the past few years have been tumultuous is an understatement. We’ve seen and experienced things we just could not have imagined. One thing that has finally risen to the surface is the fragility of our food system. It has MAJOR weaknesses. We had a few gaps in products, but overall our farm stayed strong and steady.

Our food production is planned months and even years before it hits the freezers in the farm store. We raise all our animals on pasture and produce things seasonally, so we can’t just make food appear on a truck the next day.

A lot of new people started purchasing from the farm in the last two years and a lot of previous customers have returned. It is SO exciting to see people committing to local food sources and prioritizing their health. It’s also becoming more challenging to predict food needs.

We Want to Protect You…

Raw, grassfed dairy has always been our specialty product. It’s what we are most passionate about and it is our most popular product line. Since we do not milk the cows in the winter we have a set amount of dairy products in the freezer. We are patiently waiting for the cows to give birth in April and May so we can replenish our dairy supply.

To ensure you have the dairy products you love, we are not accepting new customers wanting to purchase dairy. They will be put on a wait list.

Our meat supply is still very stable, so we will accept new customers wanting to purchase meat and any product in the store that does not contain dairy.

This is the first major change we will be making in the next couple of months to ensure that YOU have access to the food you love and trust.

When you purchase from my family or any other local farmer, you are contributing to the stability and resiliency of our regional food system. Thank you for your commitment! It is so inspiring to witness the passion in our Jako Farm Community.

Save The Date

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 28th from 4-8 pm. Our Evening on the Farm this year will include our centennial celebration!

The event will include some history of the farm in addition to our usual hay rides through the pasture, live music, a meal, and a time to enjoy the beauty of the farm. The best part, is that you’ll be surrounded by at least 400 other people that share your commitment to real, pure food.

Last Chance!

We are accepting orders for Ground Beef Bundles through the end of the month. If you would like to order any Fertrell products for your garden or lawn, those orders need to be placed by March 1st.
Here’s to an amazing community committed to real, pure food!