Turkey Pieces – Limited Quantities Available!

Friends, we are so excited to announce we have JakoPure Pastured Turkey Pieces available in the farm store. If you are planning a smaller holiday gathering this year, this is the perfect meat option for you!

JakoPure Pastured Turkey Pieces
◾ Boneless Breast (skin-on)

◾ Thigh (bone-in)
◾ Drumsticks
◾ Wings
◾ Giblets:1 liver, 1 heart, 1 gizzard

These are limited stock items, so if you want this turkey on your holiday (or any day!) menu, I suggest grabbing some now.

We are also excited to add pork and turkey to our JakoPure bone broth selection. We now have FIVE bone broths in the farm store, just in time for fall: turkey, pork, chicken, lamb, and beef.

I love having the bone broth available for soup season! It adds so much instant flavor and nutrition to a soup when I don’t have time to slow-cook a soup.

My favorite way to enjoy a cup of bone broth is to add sauteed mushrooms and a few green onions. YUM! It’s also a perfect winter appetizer if you are looking for something fun to add to a meal.

Thank you!

Thank you to those who responded to the turkey survey! We’re putting ground turkey on the back burner for now, but it was helpful to hear feedback about the demand for the product.


Do you happen to have a pile of these hanging out in your laundry room? We are running low in the farm store. (This is a note to myself as well.)


We had a huge demand for squash and pumpkins and are almost sold out. We have a limited quantities of butterkins, spaghetti squash, and decorative gourds. We will definitely increase our production for next year!

From all of us at Jako Farm,