Time for Regeneration

It’s resolution time– a chance to reshape or reform some area of our life. It’s a fresh start. A judgement-free opportunity to refocus our efforts on what is good and pure and wholesome.

Part of being a regenerative farm is making sure the farmer is regenerated as well. Last week Daniel, our two boys, and I were able to get off the farm and head to the mountains of Colorado.

We had a great time hiking in the mountains, soaking in some hot springs, and spending time together as a family. I won’t say it was relaxing because we have a one-year-old and a six-year-old, but it was rejuvenating!
The highlight of the trip was visiting the James Ranch outside of Durango, Colorado. Their dairy farm is the most similar operation to ours in the country. They are 100% grassfed, milking 25 jersey cows once a day, seasonally from April-October. Do you realize how rare it is to have ALL of those similarities? We’ve visited farms that are grassfed or milk once a day or milk seasonally, but not ALL of those things.

Chatting with like-minded farmers is always a treat and it was such an honor to have Dan James show us around their farm. Colorado raw milk laws are different, so they turn most of their milk into cheese and sell it in their farm store. One unique difference is that they have restaurant on the farm as well!

It was great to get away, but we are also grateful to be back at home on our farm. Being away always helps put things into perspective.

We came away from the trip even more committed to our farm being regenerative for the whole: the earth, animals, food, people and community. Our hope is that this regenerative effort passes on to you as well.

Where Do I Find Other Farms Like Yours?

I often get the question, “Where can I find more farms like yours?”
The websites EatWild.com and RealMilk.com are great resources.
These sites can help you find other local farms nearby or places to stop when you’re traveling or moving. We frequently have new members come to the farm who are passing through the area and want to source raw milk or other nutrient-dense, real food.
We always say, you need to ask farmers questions! That means asking us or any farmer you’re buying from. Everyone has different standards for how they raise food and you need to feel comfortable eating it.
From four of your Jako Farmers, Robyn, Daniel, Luke and Aaron,

Here’s to regeneration for all: the earth, animals, food, farmer, and consumer!