Things We’re Excited about in 2022

We have so many things to be excited about in 2022 at Jako Farm.

1. We’re Celebrating 100 Years!

This year we are celebrating over 100 years of the King family caring for this land! The original farmstead has changed over the decades as it has passed through several generations, but we’re so grateful it remains a small family farm. Throughout the year I’ll be sharing bits and pieces about the farm’s legacy.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 28th. Our Evening on the Farm this year will include our centennial celebration! The event will include some history of the farm in addition to our usual hay rides through the pasture, live music, a meal, and a time to enjoy the beauty of the farm.

2. Let’s Compost More!

Composting has always been a part of Jako. If an animal dies on the farm, they are usually buried in one of the compost piles. When we host an event at the farm, we’ve transitioned to buying compostable cutlery and paper goods so they can be composted as well.

While this has always been a priority at the farm, our commitment to composting as a means to decrease waste while also increasing soil health has increased considerably. We’ve tried to send more waste materials like cardboard boxes and paper to the compost pile instead of just the recycling bin. Why not add that carbon to our soil instead of sending it hundreds of miles away on a recycling truck? It’s been fun to encourage it at home with our boys as well. So many things can be composted: hair, tea bags, socks with holes, veggie scraps, coffee grounds, and SO MANY PAPER SCRAPS.

This spring we will be hosting a workshop where you can learn how to compost at home using worms! Our friend Dan from Fed ‘N Happy will be leading the class. You’ll be able to learn from an expert plus go home with an action plan. More information will come in the next month!

3. Tours of the Farm

This year we want to provide more ways for you to learn about and experience the farm – to connect with the animals and the land where your food is raised.

Many of you have really enjoyed walking the one mile loop through the pasture. We will continue to offer that at different times throughout year.

One new addition will be guided walking tours of the farm. A Jako farmer will walk with you through the pastures to see the cows, chickens, and sheep. You’ll get to ask questions and experience the farm! These paid tours will be scheduled this spring and summer. Stay tuned for dates, pricing, and more information!

Raw Milk Advocacy

This week we learned a new bill was being presented to the Kansas Senate Committee that would negatively affect raw milk in Kansas. Our farm, along with other raw milk produces across the state, submitted testimonies to be heard today before the Senate committee. This bill was introduced and went to committee in less than a week. We will keep you posted and let you know when any action is needed from you. More information can be found here.

We’re so grateful you are part of our Jako Farm community! We look forward to celebrating 2022 with you!