Surprises, Disappointment, and Generosity

Where’s My Cheese??

Many of you have been asking, “Where’s my cheese??” Unfortunately, we are sold out of cheese until late summer. I know, it hurts a little to say those words.
The demand for JakoPure raw milk has skyrocketed in the last year. We simply did not have enough milk to make all of your favorite dairy products AND meet that demand.
So, we had to make some really tough choices.
Which dairy products are most essential?
Which products require the most milk to produce? (Did you know it takes four quarts of milk to yield one pound of cheddar cheese?)
While we LOVE cheese, we decided other dairy products – including milk itself – need to be prioritized for this season.

We anticipate having cheese back in the store by late summer, so the countdown is on!

The best things in life are worth waiting for, right?

COVID-19 Relief

A generous person donated their COVID-19 stimulus check to Jako Farm so that we could pass on nutrient-dense food to those who have been most affected by COVID-19. I know a number of our Jako Farm members have been sick, lost jobs, or made the hard choice to close a small business.

Jako Farm has decided to match this donation. If you or someone you know has been deeply affected by the pandemic, we would like to donate 10 pounds of ground beef.

There is a button on the tablet in the farm store that reads COVID-19 Relief. Please press that button and take 10 pounds of ground beef from the farm store freezer.

Please pick up the meat by February 28th. No questions asked, but we do need the transaction to be recorded in the tablet.

Chicken House Drama

We’ve had a little drama out in the hen house again. No, this time it’s not the bald eagle.

In the last month, our newest batch of hens started laying, but production was not picking up as quickly as normal.

With the cold weather last week, we decided to gather eggs in the morning and afternoon. And you know what we found?? A beautiful nest of about 45 eggs UNDER the chicken house. Mr. Opossum or one of his friends must have been getting a very tasty nighttime snack. Those eggs were never there in the mornings when we moved the chicken house. So, yes, we continue to gather eggs twice a day and our inventory is increasing.

And to top things off, when we went to pull the chicken house forward, the tires fell off the front end! You know that feeling when you just have to laugh because what else can you do?! Welcome to farm life. (No chickens were harmed in this latest adventure, only an old axle!)
When chickens start laying, their eggs are small. We currently have small soy-free eggs in the store. Eggs will be a “normal” size within a few weeks.

P.S. New Product Alert

We have a new product coming to the farm store and I can’t wait to tell you about it next week!