Stock Up On the Basics

In our household ground beef is a stable. It can be ready in a hurry and it’s versatile. I love using it for meatballs, vegetable beef soup, meatloaf, spaghetti, burgers, and taco salad just to name a few. It’s just SO easy. I’ll be honest, Taco Tuesday happens at our house on more than just Tuesdays…because it’s just so easy to make with ground beef.

The only thing better than ground beef, is having a freezer STOCKED with ground beef.

Right now we have two beef bundle options:

Bundle #1 – $180
▫ 25 pounds of ground beef
▫ 3 quarts beef bone broth

Bundle #2 – $360
▫ 25 pounds of ground beef
▫ 15 pounds roast
▫ 5 pounds beef brats (German-Style Beef Sausage)
▫ 5 pounds bulk German-Style Beef Sausage

Both bundles give you a 10% savings over purchasing individual cuts from the farm store.

Bundle #1 includes beef bone broth that is PERFECT for soup season! We make it right here on the farm using our 100% grass fed beef bones. We add organic onions, carrots, and celery to pack in extra flavor and nutrients. (No salt is added.)

Barn Remodel Update

Friends, we have doors and windows! It’s just so exciting to reach every new step in this process. In just a week or so this processing room will be ready for use. I’m so anxious to start using this space for rendering lard or simmering bone broth!

This is the new milking parlor where the cows will be milked. Ken will stand in the lower level (milking pit) to attach the milkers to the cows standing up above. We still need to install all the milking equipment, but we’re making progress!