Snowy Adventures + Chicken Bundles

What a memorable couple of weeks we’ve had with weather!!

When was the last time we had snow on the ground that lasted more than ten days?

I remember having snow for over a month when I was four years old and it was the most magical time.

We’ve definitely been experiencing some of that winter magic here on the farm recently!

That’s the beauty of being a seasonal, pasture-based farm.

Our animals are really healthy and hearty.

Yes, we’ve been hauling a lot of water and we’ve built extra wind breaks for animals, but the animals are all doing well!

The chickens have the option to stay inside, but they choose to venture out into the snow to scratch and peck.

The cows, sheep, and guard llama all get playful and frisky when we bring them hay. But then they go back to grazing the grass under the snow.

They were in the paddock outside our dining room window the past couple of days, which is one of my FAVORITE things ever. It was so fun to watch a mama sheep paw the snow aside with her front leg and then chomp away at the grass she uncovered.

Then at dusk, the cows, sheep, and llama all bed down together on the south side of the tree row to stay cozy and warm.

This is the time of year we intentionally plan for our animals to have rest. No milking, no animals giving birth.

The farmers have a little more time for rest and leisure, too.

We’ve enjoyed exploring the woods together as a family. Here you can see Daniel showing the boys bobcat tracks! We’ve had some bobcat sightings, but it was pretty exciting to actually find tracks.

The river has been FULL of birds trying to find water: blue heron, snow geese, mallard ducks, and Canadian geese, just to name a few.

Basically, we’ve just really enjoyed feeling like there is a whole new world to explore in this weather!

What memories have you created during this time?

(And who else turned on the Christmas music while it was snowing?? I know I’m not the only one.)

Chicken Bundles

In the spirit of record-breaking events, we’ve decided to have one of our own.
We are offering Chicken Bundles for the first time ever!
Bundle #1 – $200 (plus tax)
▪ 8 packages thighs (4 thighs / package)
▪ 8 packages drumsticks (4 drumsticks / package)
▪ 2 packages wings (12 wings / package)
▪ 6 quarts chicken bone broth

Bundle #2 – $125 (plus tax)
▪ 5 whole chickens (4-4.5 lb average)
▪ 2 packages drumsticks (4 drumsticks / package)
▪ 1 thighs (4 / package)
▪ 1 wings (12 / package)
▪ 2 quarts chicken bone broth

Not sure how to cook pastured chicken? I’ll throw in a Brined Chicken Recipe card that NEVER fails.

Both bundles offer a 10-15% savings and are available through March 31st or while supplies last.


Here’s to creating lasting memories in even the most extreme conditions, and filling your belly with some warm chicken soup!