RSVP to An Evening on the Farm

A spring evening in the pasture is simply magical. The cows and sheep are all active, doing a final graze before bedding down for the night. The baby lambs and calves are literally frolicking through the pasture. The lambs run together in a huge pack. As they come to a stop, it looks like popcorn popping with a sea of little lambs jumping into the air.

Occasionally a mama ewe is running after them baa-ing, as if to say, “Kids, come back here!” You can’t help but smile.

Saturday, May 29th from 4-8 pm, we would love to invite you to experience this with us. We want to provide the space where you can simply relax, and enjoy the farm.

The evening will include live music, a meal featuring Jako Farm products, a chance to pet a chick and baby lamb, and dozens of picnic tables scattered around the farm where you can sit and relax.

Event Schedule

4-6 PM // Pet a chick or lamb, take a hayride through the pasture, relax under a shade tree and enjoy live music, climb the silo, play yard games like cornhole or ladder golf – just enjoy the farm!
5:30-6:00 PM // JakoPure Meal: Beef or Chicken Tacos
6-8 PM // Stroll through the pasture lanes to see the animals, roast a s’more, enjoy live music, and simply enjoy the beauty of the farm

The event is free and the meal is by donation.

The evening is an opportunity for connection…with the earth, each other, and the land where your food was raised. Feel free to walk around without shoes on – do some earthing! We strongly believe these connections matter and hope you can join us for this casual, outdoor event.

We will also being orienting new members to the farm store if you have friends or family who have wanted to come to the farm, but have just never made it – this is a great way to learn.

Please RSVP by May 22nd. No tickets will be handed out, but we need to know how much food to make!

Farewell to a Friend

This week has been a hard one. My favorite cow, Mable, died rather unexpectedly. She was born 9 years ago, the same year I moved to Kansas and married Daniel.

In those early years of living here it sometimes felt like Mable was one of my closest friends. She loved a good head scratch and usually demanded it. Only the enticement of fresh grass deterred her from wanting some TLC. She tolerated my kids sitting on her back and was just a great cow! We’ll miss you, girl!


Our 5-year-old son, Luke, has developed an entrepreneurial spirit. If you find items in the store or in the tablet with a label like, “Maple Tree Helicopters”, “Mulberry Tree Seeds”, or “Clay Sculptures” that seem a little odd to be selling – well, those are from Luke. This is not an advertisement that you need to buy his things, it’s simply the acknowledgement that we are a family just like you who is trying to raise our children and I don’t want to squash his enthusiasm.

Thanks for being a part of our Jako Farm family!