REAL cream, Raw Milk Formula & A Party

Dairy season is in full swing at Jako Farm and that means the store is fully stocked with fresh cream and milk. YUM! Have you ever tried the fresh cream? I love using it in my coffee every morning, but I also love using it to make whipped cream.

Move over Cool Whip, THIS is the real deal. It’s incredible mixed with fruit and can make a simple morning coffee feel special. You can find the recipe here on our website or pick up a paper copy in the farm store.

Raw Milk Formula

Our hearts go out those who are effected by the formula shortages. Did you know you can make your own formula using raw milk? We’ve had dozens of babies, including some family members, thrive using JakoPure milk as the base ingredient of their homemade formula. You can learn more information and find the recipe here.

Feel free to reach out if you have other questions or want to be connected to a mom who has used raw milk formula. As always, let’s do what we can to help one another!

RSVP to An Evening on the Farm

Our biggest event of the year is only NINE days away. When it comes down to it, life is about connection. This is an opportunity for you to connect with the land and animals where your food is raised. We love bringing our Jako Farm Community together where you have a chance to hang out with a few hundred people who have your shared value of real food.

The farm is so full of life and energy with all the baby chickens, turkeys, lambs, and calves. It’s a pretty magical time.

And, who doesn’t a chance to milk Jako the cow??

We really hope you’ll join us! Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 25th so we know how much food to make.

Here’s to the beauty of nature, delicious real food, and connection with the land, our food, and one another.