Our Newest Additions…

Saturday night our Jako Farm Community gathered for An Evening on the Farm. The event also represented 100 years of the King Family stewarding this land.

Did anyone spot the new addition to the farm?

To celebrate our farm’s centennial we decided a barn quilt would be a fitting addition. My uncle and cousin took on the task of designing and creating this BEAUTIFUL masterpiece.

Can you guess how many individual pieces were put together to make this?? My Uncle Delvin cut 287 pieces of wood and crafted this 8 foot by 8 foot quilt. My cousin, Courtney, then hand painted each piece. Isn’t it magnificent?

The hanging of the quilt!

The quilt’s creative design and vibrant colors represent so many things on this farm.

Have you ever wondered what Jako means? It’s my in-laws, Ken and Judy’s, initials. Judith Ann and Kenneth Oliver.

This quilt is such a fitting representation of these two. Ken has one of the most creative, imaginative minds I’ve ever known. He’s always thinking outside the box and finding new ways to solve a problem. Anyone who knows Judy, knows her passion for sewing. When she isn’t feeding all of us or caring for her grandkids, you can probably find her sewing. The quilt also represents the King family’s Mennonite heritage and family history of quilting.

The unique design and colors also represents the beauty and biodiversity of the pastures at Jako Farm.

Our family is so grateful to be a centennial farm and hope it continues on to future generations.

Thank You For Coming!

We had SUCH a fun time at The Evening on the Farm last Saturday. We hope you did, too!

There were hayrides.

Cows to be milked.

Amazing bluegrass music.

A delicious meal to enjoy. And just time to connect. Thank you for your commitment to real food and supporting a local farm.

Our Farm Store Addition

Next time you’re in the farm store, you’ll notice a few changes. We now have a separate area in the store with items only for our Silver and Gold Members.

As of June 1st we now have items in this cooler and freezer that are reserved for our Silver and Gold Members. We’re so grateful to have a business that can operate on trust. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Here’s to celebrating connection, family, history, and new seasons. We’re so glad you’re part of our community!