Our Family’s Favorite Summer Recipe

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!
I don’t know about your family, but we love some good ice cream around here. 
Fortunately for my family, my latest cooking obsession is ice cream. We’ve had an old school ice cream maker that uses the wood tub, ice, etc, for years, but I recently purchased a countertop model. It cut my ice cream making capacity in half, but it’s SO MUCH EASIER to whip up a quick batch this way, so we end up having ice cream far more often.
Our favorite recipe is Butter Pecan. It’s a classic flavor for a reason.


Homemade ice cream can lose its super creamy texture once you put it in the freezer, but the leftovers are still totally worth the effort.
Ice Cream Tips:
If you have your own favorite ice cream recipe, it’s fine to substitute JakoPure cream for the half & half or heavy whipping cream listed in the recipes.
I always substitute honey for sugar in ice cream recipes.
My soon-to-be 6 year old announced that I can now make better ice cream than Braum’s. I’ll consider that an accomplishment!
If you have a favorite homemade ice cream recipe, I’d love for you to send it my way!

Last Chance for Grilling or Beef Bundles

Stock up on meat for your July 4th celebrations! Our Grilling Bundle offers a nice selection of beef and chicken cuts that are perfect for outdoor cooking.

All bundles give you approximately 10% savings over purchasing individual cuts from the farm store. We are accepting orders through July 4th.

Story from the Farm

It’s the time of year when the bulls get to be with the cows. Instead of artificially inseminating like most commercial dairys, we choose to let the cows and the bulls take care of things on their own. Cows have a 9-month gestation period. In the summer they have a 6-week window to be bred so they give birth March-May when the pastures are lush and green.

This method works really well, but it does cause a bit of headache for Ken, who has to deal with the bulls coming up to the milking parlor each morning with the cows. Usually Ken sorts the bulls out of the group and sends them back to the pasture. This year was a little different as the bulls were not yet familiar with our new milking pens or facilities.

One of our oldest bulls, Sage, was determined to stand in line to be milked with the cows. Only he went in backwards. And then sideways. Fortunately, he only did that one morning and then decided grazing in the pasture was a better gig.

P.S. Yes, we’re open!

The farm store is open as usual throughout the holiday weekend.

From the next generation of Jako farmers: here’s to a fun, laid back 4th of July weekend with bowls full of guilt-free, JakoPure ice cream, and plates filled with delicious grilled meats!