Organically Raised Veggies Anyone??

I really value knowing exactly where my food comes from and I know you do, too.
That’s why I’m so excited to announce that starting next week, organically grown vegetables will be delivered to Jako Farm every other Wednesday.
Our friends at Serenity Farm near Sedgwick do an excellent job of raising veggies. They carefully source organic, heirloom seeds and understand that healthy soil yields nutrient dense food. 
Their produce selection changes throughout the season. Right now you can purchase cucumbers, two types of potatoes, zucchini, squash, micro-greens, and more!

Purchases will only be through pre-order; individual vegetables will not be for sale in the farm store. Place your order and pay on the Serenity Farm website by Monday for pickup at Jako Farm next Wednesday, August 11th. There is a $10 delivery fee for this service that will be paid at Jako Farm.

You may ask, why are we advertising for another farm that sells some of the same products?



Are you excited to hear about this? We’ll be giving this a trial run for the next two months to see how much interest there is. We’d LOVE any feedback!

Serenity Farm veggies will not be included at our Jako Farm Wichita Drop Locations as Serenity Farm offers home delivery and drop location in the Wichita area.

Story from the Farm

Last week we harvested a bunch of kale from our garden. We washed it, cut out the large veins, put it through the food processor and packed it away in the freezer. I love figuring out how many ways I can sneak finely shredded kale into my family’s meals.

So far it’s been in a breakfast hash, spaghetti, meatloaf, eggs, and meatballs. How do you “sneak” more veggies in your family’s meals?

Here’s to building stronger local food systems!