Organic Lawn & Garden Care, Egg Supply, and more…

The warmer weather this week has me counting down the days until spring. While ordering seeds and planning for the garden is not the same as spring time, it does lift my spirits! Are you planning for spring yet?

Organic Lawn & Garden Fertilizer

If you’re searching for organic lawn and garden products, we’ve got you covered! We’ve sourced our animal supplements from Fertrell for over 30 years. This company also specializes in organic soil and garden products. We do not keep these items in stock, but we can easily add them to our next shipment.

If you’re interested in ordering, please place your order with us by March 1st so it can be added to our shipment coming from Pennsylvania. You can refer to the Fertrell website for information about each product.

Raw Milk Legislative Update

A few weeks ago I mentioned that once again we are dealing with raw milk concerns in the Kansas Legislature. Fortunately, things have moved in a positive direction! SB 346 was amended in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee and passed out. It now sits on General Orders for a Senate floor debate.

The proposed labeling was changed from ‘This product contains raw milk that is not pasteurized and could contain bacteria that may cause foodborne illness’ to either ‘Raw Milk’ or ‘Unpasteurized Milk’. This bill also removes the prohibitions for off-farm advertising of raw milk. We’ll continue to keep you updated!

Egg Supply Update

We are currently experiencing an egg shortage. Egg production naturally drops in the winter with less sunlight and colder temperatures. We’re also dealing with some greedy hawks who know how delicious pasture-raised chicken can be combined with a high demand for JakoPure eggs!

So, bare with us these next two months while we wait for longer days with more sunshine and for our new batch of layer chicks to start laying.

Story From the Farm

This month our six-year-old developed a strong interest in planting seeds, so we’re now starting our own seedlings for the first time in years. He checks on them multiple times a day and gives a report of how many new seeds have popped out of the soil and then measures the height of new plants.

Our budding entrepreneur hopes to sell a few plants in the farm store this spring. It’s so fun to see kids take interest in nature!

Here’s to dreaming and planning for spring!