New Year, New Food Resolutions

It’s resolution time – a chance to reshape or reform some area of our life. It’s a fresh start. A judgement-free opportunity to refocus our efforts on what is good and pure and wholesome.

If food is part of your new year transformation, here are three simple and easy tweaks that can fit any food journey:

1. Buy one more item from a local farmer than you did last year.

Maybe you buy mostly from the grocery store, or maybe you already are a champ at supporting local farmers. Either way, pick one food item that you commonly purchase at the store and commit to sourcing it locally in 2021.

Getting to know a local farmer is a great way to connect yourself to your food’s journey. You’ll see where that item was grown or raised and the hands that raised it. You can ask questions about food quality and purity instead of just reading store labels. And you’ll help support a local farmer who is feeding a family and making a living.

At Jako Farm, our livelihood depends on people like you who understand that value of pure, wholesome food. There are grocery stores closer, convenience food cheaper. But you choose Jako Farm. We appreciate you so much!

2. Examine the quality of one food item you buy regularly.

Pick something you eat regularly. Maybe it’s ground beef or tortillas or milk. Research the item and try to figure out who grew or made it. How was it made? How does the nutrition compare with other similar options?

Take ground beef, for example. If the store label says ‘grassfed,’ research the company. Do their cows eat only grass? Or mostly grain with a little grass thrown in? Why does that matter? Research the nutritional difference between grain-fed and grass-fed meat. Buy both kinds and do a taste comparison, just for fun.

When you’ve done the research, challenge yourself to raise the level of purity in that food item for 2021.

At Jako Farm, we’ve found that when you take a step up in food quality, the health benefits are enormous. People who eat good food like JakoPure food don’t get sick as often, don’t eat as much to feel full, don’t snack as much, and prevent a myriad of future illnesses. It pays to buy quality food.

If ground beef is that item for you, right now we have bundles available that will help stock your freezer.

3. Let Jako Farm help!

At Jako Farm, we would love to walk with you on your food journey. We’ve fed picky eaters. We’ve managed food allergies and intolerances. We’ve heard so many stories and swapped so many food ideas and learned so much.  
Whether you’re new to the idea of pure food or an old pro, you’re not alone. We’d love to hear your story and help make the journey a little easier.
If you’re in the Wichita metro area, one easy way we can help is through our Wichita food delivery. Every other Tuesday evening we meet members at a west Wichita and an east Wichita drop spot to deliver JakoPure food straight from the farm. We know we’re a bit of a drive, so let us come to you. It’s one thing off your plate. (If you’re not yet a member of the farm, see below how to join and access all the great benefits of Jako Farm. Note that there is a $10 delivery fee for each order.) 

We love meeting new members!

We love introducing new people to Jako Farm! Thanks for telling your family and friends about us. I am available for new member orientation Monday through Saturday from 9-5. Please call 620-663-1470 to schedule an appointment for your/their first visit.