My Favorite Email of the Year

In less than three weeks, calving season will begin here at Jako Farm! Do you know what that means?

You guessed it – that means fresh milk will be in the store in mid-April! AND it also means it’s one of our favorite times of the year.

We get to ask you for help coming up with names for the heifer (girl) calves.

We intentionally breed all of our dairy cows to give birth in the spring. Just like humans, mama cows need high quality nutrients after giving birth. We try to work with nature and plan for the cows to have those lush, green springtime grasses. Cows would also much rather give birth in spring than the dead of winter.

Each year we use names that start with a specific letter in the alphabet so we can easily figure out the age of a cow. This year is the letter “C”. The names also need to be five letters or less so that it fits on an ear tag.

Now, these names do not have to be “traditional” names.

We’ve had cows named “Moo”.

Or “Pie”.

We also try to be creative with how we name them. For instance, Italy is mama to Rome and Pie is mama to Apple.

Call us crazy, but it does help keep track of herd genetics. Plus, life is just better when you’re a bit more playful – at least we think so.

So, please help us by submitting your favorite “C” calf names!

As calving begins, I’ll keep you posted on our newest arrivals and names.
Plus, did you know cows with names produce 3.4% more milk than unnamed cows?
We all perform a little better when we’re shown respect and love, right?

Story From the Farm

Can you count all the piglets in this photo? This sow gave birth to 10 piglets. Her nieces and nephews from another litter sometimes get milk from her, too. When you already have 10 piglets, what’s a few more? Feeding time gets a little rowdy but the mamas never seem to mind.

Here’s to the joy, hope, and anticipation of new life on the farm.