Winter time = project time here at Jako Farm. The beauty of farming with the seasons means our animals require very little care this time of year. This gives us time to catch up on projects we have a hard time conquering during our production season.
One of the values my in-laws, Ken and Judy, instilled on this farm is the importance of finding ways to repurpose things. It makes you be creative and it reduces waste. It’s a win-win.
One problem we’ve struggled to solve is what to do with excess wooden pallets. We receive a lot of freight shipments here at the farm and it doesn’t take long to get a large pile of wood pallets. We’ve used them to build patio furniture, clubhouses for our kids, and shelters for our pigs, but we still have a lot more. So, where do they go? The landfill?
A few years ago we learned about the benefits of biochar and we knew we finally had a solution.
What is biochar?
Biochar is a type of charcoal that can be used to improve soil health. According to our friend Dr. Trish Jackson, its extremely porous structure provides a home for microbes, stores nutrients, retains and filters water, and structures soil for optimum air circulation. (To learn more about the amazing benefits of biochar or to purchase some check out
Our main obstacle was figuring out what to do with all the nails that remained after burning the pallets. Leave it to Ken to come up with a creative solution! He hunted down old microwaves at an appliance store, took out the transformers, and turned them into electromagnets. Basically he made a really powerful magnet.

Then he modified an old feed hopper to sift the biochar out and catch the nails with the magnet. Do you see all the nails??

The metal free biochar will soon be added to our compost pile and eventually spread on our pasture as a compost.

Now THAT is re-reusing.

Thank you, Ken, for your creativity!

Do You Have Any Jako Bags?

Over the 18 years we’ve had the store not a single plastic bag has been purchased to carry out items. My mother-in-law, Judy, contributed her own method of re-purposing by transitioning from only offering re-used plastic bags to fabric bags.
Over the past four years she has sewn 834 “Borrow and Bring Back” bags for our farm store! All of the fabric has been purchased from thrift stores or donated by individuals who no longer wanted their fabrics.

If you happen to have extra Jako Farm bags at your home, we’d love to replenish the store. Any fabric donations are always welcome, too!

Thank you, Judy, for all the hours you’ve poured into sewing and re-purposing old fabric!

Ground Beef Bundles

For the month of February we are offering ground beef bundles. This is the most economical way to fill your freezer with JakoPure ground beef. If ground beef is your cut of choice, these bundles give you even better savings than buying a quarter or side of beef.

Taking orders through February 28th 2022 or while supplies last.
Orders can be filled within a day of ordering.
JakoPure Beef is always 100% grassfed and finished.

Here’s to the innovative founders of Jako Farm and finding ways to re-use “waste” items.