Let’s celebrate Fathers…

As we all gear up to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, I wanted to take some time to celebrate the fathers at Jako Farm. Ken and Daniel King are men to be celebrated. I may be a little biased since one is my father-in-law and the other is my husband, but, these guys really are amazing.

Ken is the founder of Jako Farm. He’s the man who had the courage to be the laughingstock of the community and change his conventional farm 30 years ago. He has an amazing ability to think outside the box and come up with practical, efficient solutions to problems.

Every morning Ken walks out to the pasture to bring the cows up to the barn to be milked.

He makes the butter.

He engineered and now manufactures the fencing.

He’s an amazing grandpa as well. He takes the time to read stories and engage in whatever his grandkids are doing.

Generosity: Ken would give you his car if you needed it. Material things or money are really not of value to Ken. His faith is the most important thing in his life and it shows.

Daniel is amazing. Why else would I have married him?? The joke at our house is that I have three boys, not two. Daniel has the spirit of a young child, but is forced to do adult things. If he had extra time he would love to be kite boarding at the lake or hiking in the mountains.

Daniel grew up on this farm and always knew he wanted to be a farmer. After finishing college, he decided to come back to the farm. That’s when Ken and Daniel, together, made the plunge to open the Jako Farm store. In 2015 Daniel and I took over the business. We had quite a learning curve as we jumped into everything that goes along with running and leading a business. As our business continues to grow and we now have additional help, Daniel has become our fearless leader. If anyone working here on the farm has a question or problem, Daniel is generally the one who will solve it for you. And he’ll do it with a smile on his face.

How will you be celebrating this Father’s Day weekend? We’re looking forward to some quality family time and when there’s a family gathering, there’s usually food. Our menu includes brined JakoPure chicken.

Have you ever brined meat? Don’t let it scare you! It creates the most amazing flavor and is well worth the bit of advance preparation. We usually oven roast the chicken, but it’s delicious on the grill too.

The goal is to cover the meat in brine. If you have extra brine, save it for later!

Brined meat cooks about 20% faster than unbrined meat.

(If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the heating step, substitute powdered herbs, mix it all together, and add the chicken. It works, too!)

I really hope you try this. If you do, I’d love to hear how it went!

And, if we’re celebrating the Fathers at Jako, I suppose I should include the bulls as well. Meet Simon, Sage, Titus, and Zeus, The Fathers of the Jako dairy herd.

Here’s to a weekend of celebrating Fathers and Father figures!

From all of us at Jako Farm,