Kefir Pops and Cow Shenanigans

Kefir Pop Restock

Vanilla, Blueberry, and Chocolate Kefir Pops have been restocked in the farm store just in time for these unusually hot spring days. The base ingredients are kefir, cream, honey, and vanilla. The chocolate pops are made with fair trade organic cocoa powder. The blueberry pops are made with organic blueberries that we buy from a small family farm in Michigan.

It’s great to have a treat packed with probiotics and healthy fats that you can feel good about serving to your kiddos. And let’s be honest – adults love them, too!

T-Shirt Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our t-shirt design contest! We cannot wait to reveal the new “Know Your Farmer” design at our Evening on the Farm.

Story from the Farm

We love seeing the personality in each animal on our farm. Sometimes they make us laugh, sometimes they’re amusing, and other times they’re a little frustrating.

Each morning Ken brings the cows up to the barn where they patiently stand in a line next to each other while they are milked. One of our cows, Raven, has decided she has better places to be at 6 am.

At the front of the line, there is a gate with a string attached that Ken pulls to open the gate, letting the first group of cows out of the milking parlor so the next group can walk in and be milked. THREE times this spring, our cow Raven has figured out how to press her head on the string and let herself out of the parlor! No other cow even attempts to do this. Lesson learned: do not let Raven be first in line next to the gate.

Membership Sign Up

Enrollment for our New Jako Farm Membership has begun and is open for the month of May! Enrollment for Silver and Gold is available in May and October.

You can sign up or get more membership information here on our website. As the demand for JakoPure products steadily increases, our new membership tiers are our way of respecting our land’s food production capacity and protecting your access to Jako Farm food.

Again, please reach out if you have any questions about the process!

We strongly encourage all members to officially sign up, even if the free Bronze level membership is the best fit for you. We deeply value each and every Jako Farm member and appreciate your support and feedback as we implement these changes.

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