Jako Farm favorites returning soon!

It has been a wild spring. You feel it, I feel it, our kids feel it, we all feel it.

I miss gathering with my church family on Sunday mornings. I miss watching the joy on my 4 year old son’s face when he plays with friends. Basically, I just miss what normal used to be.

Do you feel the same?

But as a farmer, I’m also experiencing a huge paradox. Our business is thriving. People are flocking to the farm to buy real food. The fragility of our nation’s food system is finally in the public eye and now buying local is the thing to do. No longer are we less convenient than the grocery store or online ordering. We have pure food and people want it. We are struggling to keep some items in stock.

At first we wondered, will this surge in purchasing end as quickly as it started? How do we respond? Do we limit purchases, do we limit members? How do we ensure our loyal farm members get the food they’ve consistently bought for years, yet also provide food to new members or those who have found their way back to Jako?

We quickly decided that setting limits on people wanting real food goes against everything we have worked for all these years.

Fortunately, (actually, I won’t call it fortunate – I know God played a hand in this) we already had extra farm help scheduled for the summer. Some of our animal numbers can be increased pretty easily. We were already planning for growth in dairy production. And, it is the beginning of the growing season instead of the end, so we can ramp up production.

More JakoPure food is coming your way!

Butter will return to the store by June 1st!

Chicken thighs, drumsticks, and boneless breasts will be back June 10th.

All of your favorite beef cuts will return to the store by June 10th.

Pork will be in the store mid-July.

Our website has up to date listings of what is in stock. And as always, call me if you have specific questions about your food. I want to make sure our loyal members get their food.
Food is primal. Food is the universal connector that brings people together. We are living in a time when that connection is broken in many ways. 
Unfortunately, our Memorial Day party is cancelled for this year. We had a number of other events planned for this season which are also cancelled.
But we are working on ways to continue to connect people to the food, land, and others. Stay tuned for new ways in which we will facilitate those experiences.
We are all on this unforeseen journey together. Thank you for entrusting us to provide your primal need of food. We do not take that lightly.
From all of us at Jako Farm,