It’s Turkey Time! – Reserve Your Bird Today

Have you started thinking about Thanksgiving (or Christmas) yet?
If you want pastured raised turkey to be part of your holiday traditions and menus – now is the time to order.
These birds are raised on pasture where they have room to roam, eat green grass, and hunt for insects. They are fed a corn and soy-free feed that we make on the farm from chemical-free grains.

The meat has a mouthwatering flavor that will leave your family begging for more. We promise this is the bird you want as the focal point of your Thanksgiving table.

1. Reserve your turkey today! We have a limited supply of whole birds and we don’t want you to miss out. Those who order soon will get to choose a size.

2. We will email you an invoice in early November to pay for your turkey.

3. Turkeys can be picked up from the farm store in November. Give me 24 hours notice and I’ll have it waiting for you! If you need us to hold your turkey until Christmas, let us know and we can make that happen, too.

These JakoPure birds are sold frozen and will range from 12-20+ pounds. They are $8 per pound.

It is definitely an investment, but our consistent feedback from customers is that it’s the best turkey they’ve ever had. You can taste the difference of a bird raised on pasture with intention and care.

Story from the Farm

Last month I offered our members two pounds of free ground beef in exchange for making a meal for someone outside of their family. It’s been beautiful to hear stories of where those meals have gone! Many meals have been prepared for families with new babies, those who have experienced loss, or people just sharing a meal together. Thank you all for accepting the challenge and caring for those around you! I’d love to hear other stories!

Here’s to gathering around a table and sharing real food and connection.