It’s time for our May Membership Sign Up!

Early access to the sign up opens on April 29th for our current Silver and Gold members. Open enrollment is May 2-31st. Sign up is first come, first served. Gold and Silver memberships are limited, so we will close enrollment if capacity is reached before the end of the month.

To sign up, go to You may pay online via credit card or mail a check to Jako Farm after completing the online form.

We deeply value each Jako Farm member and appreciate your commitment to the farm. Our intent with this membership structure is to honor our land’s capacity for growing food and to protect your access to that food. Thank you for being with us as we continue to produce food you know and trust!


Each membership benefit is explained in detail below. If you still have questions please email

Jako Farm Products & Farm Letter

Anyone who has completed a New Member Appointment and has visited the farm store in the past four years is a Bronze membership. Membership gives you access to shop in the Bronze area of the farm store. Information about the farm and farm products will be communicated via our email newsletter, which is sent to all members.

Evening on the Farm

Each Memorial Day weekend we host An Evening on the Farm for all of our Jako Farm members. This is your time to experience the farm! We offer a hay ride through the pasture, a meal featuring JakoPure food, live music, an opportunity to climb the silo, the ambiance of the farm and more! This is one of the few times you can walk through the pasture and pass by the different groups of animals. The event is by donation.

Product Priority

JakoPure food is raised seasonally on pasture, so we do run out of items in the winter months. Silver and Gold members will be given product priority when we have limited stock and items will be removed from the Bronze area of the store. The specific items vary from year to year. Below are examples of products that have been removed in the winter months.

  •  milk, colostrum, wholesome delight, butter, kefir pops, beef filet, chicken breasts, eggs, chicken thighs, chicken wings, whole chicken, chicken hearts, chicken livers
  • Dairy products have been limited the past three years. When we have abundance, these will be in the store for everyone. However, when we anticipate shortages, these will be prioritized for Silver and Gold members.
  • In March of 2020 we had inactive customers from the past twenty years who all of a sudden flocked back to the farm. If an event like this were to happen again, our Silver and Gold members would have priority to the food in the farm store.

Bi-annual Hayride

Our Silver and Gold members are invited to a hayride twice a year at the farm. Daniel, Robyn, and Ken take you on a hayride through the pasture, stopping at each animal group and explaining everything that goes into raising those animals. Weather and season permitting, we often end the evening with a bonfire and s’mores.

Free Hipcamp Night

Hipcamp is the Airbnb of camping and our farm is a host site. You have the option to tent camp or park your RV right next to our silo. No tours are included in this, but you get to enjoy the peace and beauty of the farm. Our Silver and Gold members receive a free night at our campsite. Check out the photos of previous campers or read some of the reviews here.

Product Reserve

If we’re running low on a staple item (milk, cream, butter, ground beef, or whole chicken) we will reserve the quantity you request if you are a Gold Member. You do not need to pre-purchase the items, but we will hold them back for you in our freezers.

Jako Farm Gift

Each year Gold Members receive a special gift from the farm. We’ve had coffee mugs, tea, t-shirts.

Personalized Farm Experience

Is there something on the farm you’ve always wanted to experience? Let us know and we’ll see if we can make happen. Feeding pigs? Tagging along for morning chores? Walking by the river? Our most common experience for Gold members last year was watching Ken milk the cows. This happens about 6:30 am, so it is a commitment! These are experiences that are not available in our normal paid tours or during An Evening on the Farm.

JakoPure Layer Chicks

Our Gold members have access to purchasing Barred Rock chicks from us. These JakoPure chicks were hatched on the farm from eggs from our layer flock. We cannot guarantee hatch dates, but we can guarantee they will be healthier than any chick you get in the mail!