Honey, RAIN, & An Opportunity for Learning

Honey Restock!

The bees on our farm have been working hard all spring and summer and it’s finally time to enjoy the harvest! The farm store is restocked with raw honey from this season.

Did you know a single honeybee can only produce up to 1/12th of a tablespoon of honey in its lifetime? This means that it takes the lifespan of 12 bees to produce a single tablespoon. Honey is pretty valuable stuff!

We Received Rain!

We are thrilled to share that we received 1.2 inches of rain over the weekend!!! It was so glorious to hear that sound again! This will definitely help the pastures, but we are not out of the woods yet.

These are photos of our non-irrigated pasture where our nurse cows and calves usually do their summer grazing. The photo on the left shows our pastures in a typical late August. The photo on the right was taken yesterday. Continue to remember those connected to agriculture and pray for rain.

An Opportunity for Learning & Connecting

Every year Daniel and I look forward to attending the Fuller Field School in Severy, Kansas. It began 11 years ago, discussing new farming ideas like cover crops, and has evolved to be known as the cutting edge farming conference in the United States. It now draws in a diverse population from across the country and half of the participates are non-farmers.

Topics will include: What will farms and communities look like in 10 years? How do we grow healthy food while making sure the environment thrives and everyone in the food chain is treated fairly? How do we regenerate farms, farmers, and communities? Can we put aside the growing divide between us? What does nature have to do with any of this?

If you’re passionate about regenerative agriculture and you’re looking to talk, learn, and connect with others, this is the event for you.