Ground Turkey, Ground Lion’s Mane, and more…

Ground Turkey!

Pasture-Raised Ground Turkey is here! This is a completely new product for us at Jako Farm and we sure are enjoying it. We especially love using it for burgers or meatballs. What’s your favorite way to cook ground turkey? I’d love to have your go-to recipes.

More Gourmet Mushrooms!

Morganic’s Farm is doing an excellent job supplying us with organically grown gourmet mushrooms. We’ve recently added Dried Lion’s Mane to the farm store.

Check out these Chestnut Mushrooms they’re offering this week. They are DELICIOUS!! Sauté them in a little butter, add a dash of salt, and that’s it. Enjoy!

What’s Happening on the Farm?

It is our busy season, for sure! We still have five mama cows who need to give birth – they are now officially past their due dates! Hundreds of pounds of butter is being made and put into the freezer. We’re doing our best to keep cottage cheese stocked in the store – wow, that goes out the door quickly!

More baby chicks and turkeys arrived. Our three-week-old chicks moved out to pasture. The newest batch of layer hens finally started laying. Whew, it’s been a week! But, we are so grateful for our farm and for our Jako Farm Members that allow us to do what we love!

P.S. Will You Join Us

You can find more details, including the schedule and menu on the website.

We are firm believers in connection…
with one another,
with the earth,
with your food and its source.

Please RSVP by Saturday, May 22 to help us know how much food to make! If your plans change and you can’t make it that’s okay, but we really appreciate knowing if you plan to attend.

We hope to see you there!
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