Finding Sanity in the Summer Swelter

Oh, the days of summer. I have such a love/hate relationship with this time of year. My magical childhood memories of lazy, fun-filled summer days just don’t happen like they used to. Instead it seems there are endless chores on the farm, events to attend, pools to be visited to beat the heat, and the rhythm and routine of our normal schedule can’t be found.

It takes a lot of intent on my part to slow down and enjoy the current moment instead of focusing on what comes next. Can you relate? Here are three of my go-to approaches when I find myself needing a mindset shift.

1. Spend Some Time in Nature

This one seems obvious since I’m a farmer, but there is a difference between simply being outside versus being present in nature.

I try to spend some time in nature and tune into all my senses. For me, sound is the most prominent. I love hearing the hot summer wind blowing through leaves and the tall grasses in the pasture. I love listening for birds or insects and seeing which sounds I can identify. It only takes 10 minutes of really being present before I find myself feeling a little calmer.

2. Cold Plunge

What is that? Basically, I sit neck deep in tub of 45 degree water for at least five minutes. Probably five years ago I started hearing about using cold showers or baths for health benefits. I HATE to be cold, so it never appealed to me.

Daniel and I focusing on breathing while doing our first cold plunge this winter.

This winter I decided to give it a try when we were visiting some friends and now I’m hooked. The biggest benefit I see for myself is an immediate decrease in stress and increase in mental clarity and energy. It’s okay if you think I’m crazy! I thought it was nuts myself. You can check out the Wim Hoff Method if you want to learn more.

3. Do Something That Brings Me Joy

Sometimes this means I indulge in a piece of my favorite chocolate. Sometimes I jump on the trampoline with my kids. Sometimes I find a way to connect with a friend. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing. All that matters is that I’m intentionally doing something that brings me joy.

These are the three things that work best for me, but the possibilities are endless. Intentionality can go a long way.

Hello from the pastures!

Hello from our milking cows! Meet Spice, Raven, Reagan, Rouge, and Shiloh. Isn’t it fun to see the unique colors and features of each cow?

While it may be hot, the cows love this time of year and the wide variety of grasses they get to eat.

Can you spot our bull, Simon??

Even with the multiple days of triple-digit temperatures, the cows aren’t complaining. When animals are eating a healthy diet, living on pasture and their farmers are treating them with respect, animals can handle intense weather.

As we enter into the hottest part of the summer, I hope that you, too, can find ways to be present in the current moment and enjoy the season.