Farm Tours, T-Shirt Design & More

One of our goals for 2022 is to provide more ways for our members to connect with Jako Farm. Buying from our farm means you are prioritizing a connection with your farmer and your food. You are bucking the cultural norm of convenience and seeking something deeper.

We want Jako Farm to be a place of connection – a place where you can connect with the farmers, animals, and the land where your food is raised.

Now Booking Farm Tours

Starting this spring we will be offering tours of the farm. These will be walking tours that include gathering a few eggs and walking the one mile loop in the pasture to talk about the cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. The exact tour will vary depending on what’s happening on the farm.

When: Thursdays, April-June starting April 7th
Where: Jako Farm Pastures, including a 1 mile walk of the farm loop
Who: Jako Farm Members – up to 12 people in one group
How much: $75 per tour for a group of 1-12 – $5 per additional person up to 20.
How long: 1.5 – 2 hours with a Jako Farmer

Jako Farmer, Shelby, will be leading the tours.

If you’re looking for more information about farming practices and grazing, Ken or Daniel will provide a 2-hour tour for $200.
Tours must be booked at least one week in advance. Tours are kid friendly, but not stroller friendly. Reply to this email to schedule. We anticipate the schedule filling quickly.

T-Shirt Design Contest- We Need Your Creativity!

It’s time for a new Jako Farm t-shirt! Instead of outsourcing creativity – we decided to look within our Jako Farm Community.

We’d like a simple, fresh design that says, “Know Your Farmer.” The winning entry will receive $150 of store credit. Please submit any entries to by April 10th. Happy designing!

Story From the Farm

My family loves to sit in the pasture together and watch the cows and sheep. There is something so grounding and peaceful about their presence. It’s also fascinating to watch the social behavior of animals.

Just like your cats and dogs, cows love on each other by licking each others’ coats. While this is a sign of affection, it’s also an incredibly helpful gesture as a cow has no other way of grooming its head or neck.

Head over to our Instagram @JakoFarm if you’d like to see a video of our mama cows Swiss and Zana. Maybe there are lessons to learn from our bovine friends?

Here’s to the beauty of connections all around us – may we be present enough to see them.