Farm Animal Shenanigans & Personalities

Anyone who questions whether animals have distinct personalities needs to spend a few days on the farm.

Currently our dairy cows are in breeding season. This means our bull, Sage, gets to spend six weeks with his ladies. While he is a very docile bull, he still needs to express his dominance in some fashion.

Every morning Ken strolls out to the pasture and then follows the cows up the path to the milking parlor. Sage thinks it’s a pretty funny game to stand in the middle of the lane and block the cows (and Ken) from going anywhere.

This morning, he was being particularly ornery so Daniel had to escort him up the lane while Ken walked behind the cows. When they finally made it to the barn, Sage stood in the middle of the lane, pawed at the ground, and bellowed. Daniel stood there bellowing back and chuckled as Sage had pawed up not only soil, but an earthworm which landed on Sage’s rear.

Eventually the cows made it up to the barn and Daniel directed Sage out of the way so the cows could be milked. Oh, the drama of animals!

You Turkeys!

We can’t forget about our turkey shenanigans! The other morning the turkeys found a way out of their pen and strolled into the family garden. Apparently the strawberry patch seemed like better grazing than their current forage.

Fortunately, strawberry season is far passed and we caught them before they caused any serious damage. Luke and I easily walked them back to their pen. They all seemed quite happy about their extra morning stroll.

Squeezable Yogurt Restock!

It’s back in stock!! Did you know our famous Vanilla Greek Yogurt is available in convenient 2 oz. packages?

I love throwing a few frozen packages in the diaper bag and by the time we need a snack, they’ve thawed to the perfect temperature. They’re also great as a frozen snack – a perfect summertime treat!

Here’s to taking time to notice and delight in the uniqueness of each living being and personality.