Duck, Duck, Goose…Bald Eagle

Duck, Duck…

Last week we had a surprise addition to the farm. DUCKS! Ken walked into the milking parlor and found 8 baby ducklings.

At first Ken thought it was a prank. Who left ducks in the barn?? After watching them a bit he realized the ducks were jumping 6 inches into the air and clinging to the walls. They were wood ducks! No mama was anywhere in sight. Our barn cats were peering around the corner, so he scooped them up and moved them to the brooder house. We’ll keep you posted on the duck adventure.


Moving on to our geese…last year we added geese to our layer chicken flock. Their job is to honk loudly and alert their fellow fowl that an areal predator is nearby. When the geese honk, the chickens run for cover under the mobile chicken house OR they run under the electric fence. The chickens have learned that a bird cannot swoop down from the sky and snatch them up when they are sitting under the electric fence.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard a lot of honking from the pasture lately. The pair of bald eagles that live in a nest next to the river have decided our chickens are the tastiest treat around. While the geese are doing well with their alert system, it’s no match for Mr. & Mrs. Hawaii (as named by my son and his cousins). We’re guessing there is a eaglet back at the nest that they are trying to feed.

Hawaii the Eagle looking out over Jako Farm from a favorite high perch in the north tree row.

Farm life is often unpredictable and some parts are simply beyond our control. We didn’t anticipate raising ducklings alongside the chickens this spring and watching a bald eagle fly off with your chicken is never fun. We have learned that mother nature always wins, so we’re ultimately better off not fighting her. At Jako Farm we are committed to working with nature and the seasons. Sometimes, that might result in some sacrificed chickens and a few less eggs, but that bald eagle does need to get food somewhere. It also means we make sure to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature around us.

Our final fowl news…

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From all of us at Jako Farm,