Do you want to have food this winter?

YOU are essential, Part II…

Remember that email I sent a few months ago about local food systems?  I talked about how YOU the consumer are an essential link in sustaining and regenerating local food systems. Instead of buying food at the grocery store that is shipped in from all over the world or across the country, YOU make the effort to drive an average of 45 minutes to Jako Farm. YOU ensure that I, the farmer, have a job, and I ensure that YOU have food.
Over the last 15 years, we have had thousands of people come through our doors. Many only shop once or twice and a handful of you become regular shoppers that make our farm viable.
When the pandemic hit and grocery stores started having meat shortages, our occasional shoppers starting flocking back to Jako Farm. Fortunately, we had a nice stockpile of meat to feed you. (We had planned to produce extra food last fall since we were having a baby in January and didn’t want to be as busy this spring.)
Well, now YOUR help is needed to determine the next steps in this local food system.

How much food does Jako Farm need for the next year?

The demand for JakoPure food is up considerably and we cannot plan off of previous years. Will your buying trends continue as the pandemic lingers?

Right now we are making huge production decisions.

Do we keep all of our ewe lambs or do we sell some as breeding stock as usual? Do we save extra pigs so we can farrow more sows? We can still squeeze in some broiler chickens to raise this fall, but that means we need to commit to buying more grain from our local organic farmers. We have already made the decision to breed more dairy and beef cows.

Do you see the decisions we are making right now?

I would REALLY, REALLY love to hear from you. We value ALL our customers. No matter the volume of your business, we want to be your farm. In order for us to meet the needs of YOUR family – whether you come to the farm store for milk once a month or place a large order for every Wichita delivery – we need YOUR feedback to more accurately make projections and meet customer demand over the coming year.

We are all facing a new level of unknown as we live through this pandemic. We are all grasping for things we can control. Food is one of those things. In the midst of all this uncertainty, having a relationship with your farmer can help give you some control. YOU have the ability to play an important role in the food supply chain and ensure your family will have the food you want in the coming months. Your feedback is invaluable.
Please take just a moment to complete a short survey (the required questions will take less than a minute if you’re short on time!) OR you can reply to this email. Either way, THANK YOU for your input.
Let’s celebrate your ability to sustain local food systems and also celebrate a few more JakoPure Dairy products making their way back into the store!

Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Peppermint Butter Buttons are back!

Squeezable Yogurts are now available!

The farm store is restocked daily and once again has a steady supply of your favorite beef and chicken cuts.

I look forward to your email replies and survey responses – THANK YOU. As always, we are here to provide your family with pure and delicious food and are happy to answer any questions.

From all your farmers at Jako,