Diversify Your Diet…With Mushrooms

Friends, we are delighted to announce that we now have gourmet mushrooms in the Jako Farm store!

Can we take a moment to pause and admire the beauty of these Golden Oyster Mushrooms?

Or these Pink Oyster Mushrooms?

Is it is food?
Is it art?
Maybe both.

Have no fear, they taste as wonderful as they look!

Looking for an easy meal for your Valentine? Cook up some eggs with gourmet pink oyster mushrooms. It’s nutritious, simple, and pretty!

Why should I eat mushrooms?

We need diversity in our diet.
Over the past few years I’ve learned that we live in a predominately bacterial world. Our human guts and our soils have too much bacteria and not enough fungi. (My personal lab results and soil tests from our farm prove this.) Humans, soil, animals – we all need more fungi!!
So, how can I counter that? One answer is mushrooms! I’ve intentionally added mushrooms into my family’s diet the last few years.
When Morgan, one of our Jako Farm members, told me she and her husband were starting an organic mushroom farm, Morganic Farms, I immediately said, “Please tell me when you’re ready to start selling them!”
Mushrooms not only add diversity, but are also known for their immune boosting and anti-inflammatory powers.

How do I prepare them?

Keep it simple.

I sauté them in butter at low temperature for about 10 minutes, then lightly salt and voilà! They add such depth to simple meals like burgers or scrambled eggs. You can chop them up or saute them whole if you want to add some beauty to your plate.

Basically, you can’t mess them up.

The bottom of the mushroom has a white cap/stem that is perfectly fine to consume as well. It has a tougher texture, but I personally chop it up fine and add those in when I’m sautéing them. Or, you can throw those in a bag in the freezer and add them to your next batch of bone broth. Or, use it for making cream of mushroom soup. Just don’t throw it away!

What mushrooms are available?

Some of that depends on you! Are you really excited about this? If so, please respond so we can gauge the interest in this product. This week we have Golden, Pink, and King Blue Oyster Mushrooms.

As Morganic Farms grows, we look forward to offering a larger variety and quantity of gourmet mushrooms, including some medicinal varieties like Lion’s Mane and Reishi.
Supplies are currently limited. Feel free to call in advance if you want to check on inventory.

Anything sold in the Jako Farm Store must meet our JakoPure standards. We want you to have a connection to the hands that raise your food and also have transparency about any growing practice. Have questions? Just ask!

COVID Relief

Two weeks ago we mentioned a generous person donated their COVID-19 stimulus check to Jako Farm so that we could pass on nutrient-dense food to those who have been most affected by COVID-19.

And you know what happened? More Jako Farm members decided to make donations as well.

If you or someone you know has been greatly affected by COVID-19, we would like to give you 10 pounds of ground beef.

In the farm store, please add 10 pounds of ground beef to the tablet and then press the COVID-19 Relief Button. Take 10 pounds of ground beef from the farm store freezer and know that we are part of a world where people want to care for others.

Please pick up the meat by February 28th. No questions asked, but we do need the transaction to be recorded in the tablet.

Roads to the farm

Roads to the farm are clear! If you drive to the farm on Eales Road from Yoder Road, I almost guarantee you’ll see at least one flock of cardinals fly in front of your car. (Did you know: a flock of cardinals can be called a college, conclave, radiance, or Vatican?) It’s breathtaking to see the red contrast with the white snow.

Here’s to recognizing beauty all around us – whether it be mushrooms, generosity, cardinals, or our loved ones.