Did Someone Say Cheese??

Every spring I get so excited for summer. I always think, this year is going to be GREAT! We’ll do all the fun summer things like swimming, T-ball, cookouts, get togethers with friends, family reunions, trips to the lake, etc.

And then by this time in July, I am D.O.N.E.

Summer is just CRAZY. We let the kids stay up too late because of all the fun events we want to do and then we’re all tired and cranky. We love family get togethers, but we’ve had so many we just crave a quiet evening at home with some solitude.

Does this sound at all familiar?

For our family, summer is also the busiest time of the year on the farm. We’re making all your favorite dairy products, butchering chickens every two weeks, keeping all the animals cool, trying to care for and harvest out of our personal garden…the list goes on.

My list is different than yours, but I’m sure your busy level is quite similar.

This summer, I decided to give myself a little break. I usually write my email to you on Wednesdays, but that’s also the day we’re butchering chickens this summer. So, instead of “finding time” in my already busy schedule, I decided to give myself permission to skip a couple of weeks. If I had time to write it – great, but if not, my personal sanity is more important.

And, it felt, SO good.

What is one thing you can say no to so that you can take care of your needs instead of sticking to the “have to’s” in life?

Cheddar Cheese Anyone?

In the fall of 2019 Daniel attended an artisanal cheesemaking class on a farm in Oregon. He’s been making the cheese here at Jako Farm for almost 15 years, but wanted to enhance his skills. Cheese making experts were able to critique his JakoPure cheese and he was able to get valuable, hands-on experience learning more in-depth, advanced skills.

Then last year the demand for our JakoPure dairy products skyrocketed which meant we did not have enough milk to make cheese. We had to prioritize which products we could do without and unfortunately, cheese requires a lot of milk.

So, for the first time since 2019 we are offering a young cheddar cheese! I honestly did a little happy dance and squealed when Daniel offered me my first taste. It is flavorful and creamy and delicious.
Do you see that golden yellow color? That is the nutrient, beta carotene. Not artificial coloring. Our cheese will always be a vibrant yellow because we only milk our cows when they’re eating green grass. We do not milk the cows in the winter when they’re eating dry, brown grass which yields white cheese. The cows need a break in the winter and quite honestly, the farmers need a break, too.
So, treat yourself to the gift of cheddar cheese. It’s the perfect summertime snack that offers a great source of fat and protein all in one bite.

Here’s to finding ways to care for yourself in the midst of summer chaos and enjoying the small joys in life like cheddar cheese.